Mind Control to Control Your Life

Mental Control to Control Your Life 3

Article written by Julio Rico integral program writers Silva Method Life

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When we talk about mind control, certainly many people may have mixed feelings, which can range from rejection, skepticism, fear, superstition in short, many things can be said about mind control.

But tell me Would not you like?

Better health; Lose weight; Improve your economy; Get a date; Get a job ; Be successful in what you do.

What is mind control?

Mind control means to focus your mind on what you want , mind control means that you use your mind and not your mind uses you, mind control means being able to use our mind to achieve greater health, happiness, love, prosperity and all that that you want to achieve, mind control means having the ability to program.

Addressing Mental Control Your Life

First you need to have a goal, a desire, a goal, an ambition, you must have within you an urge a desire to achieve or get something, you need a well-defined sleep and once you have a goal to aim for control techniques mind will be of tremendous help , because the better use you give your best mind will ever results .

The first step to improve your life, to direct it, is just that, to have a place where you want to go.

To achieve imagine

Well my dear friends want to share with you one of the oldest techniques used by hundreds of people around the world, and is simply visualize, imagine being like the kind of person you want to be, imagine having what you want to have, imagine driving the car you want.

Imagine, that is to project images in our mind, is a step

VERY IMPORTANT to start taking advantage of the tremendous power that lies within you, that personal power that lives in you and is waiting to leave.

Just imagine for example ….

You are able to accomplish more things than you think you are capable of achieving.

How would you feel knowing that you’re more capable than you think?

Imagine speaking as a successful man.

Imagine behaving like a successful woman.

Imagine having all the money you need.

Imagine helping other human beings.

Imagine perfectly relaxed and in perfect health.

Imagine that every day begin to improve

Imagine being a better person in every way.


All battles a living first in the mind.

Imagine helping the world, to people, to nature, for the simple fact to imagine, imagine that maintain sustained thought, are able to carry it out.


Imagining is an ancient and very powerful technique that allows us to program our unconscious mind to help us achieve that goal we have set.

Mind Control means direct and keep our thoughts, our desires, our firm intention, to be able to achieve it.

I hope this article has motivated to learn more about the method ????

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