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How to choose a class of yoga Iyengar

How to choose a class of yoga Iyengar 3

Iyengar yoga method is widespread in our country. Almost all of the yoga centers are trying to provide in its schedule for this type of practice. A distinctive feature of the method Iyengar is that all the asanas consistently mastered. Each Asana performed for a long time, and the transition to the next phase takes place slowly and smoothly. Classes begin this method with simple asanas , which gradually become more complex. Method of successive development of asanas and the gradual complication of the program cause the presence in yoga
centers the practice of various levels, from trial to ground. In addition, there are special programs for women, for people with spine problems and others. Sometimes it is not only for beginners, but the yogi who practices other types of yoga, it is difficult to decide for themselves how Iyengar yoga class is right for him. Let’s try to figure it out.

Introductory class / preparatory class

Introductory class is suitable for beginners in yoga and for those new to
Iyengar Yoga . Do not rush to “skip” this class, even if you are doing yoga and think that you have some idea about it. This class will help to put everything in its place and to prepare for a conscious practice of Yoga. Classes in trial class are practical, that is, from the very first lesson, you will begin to develop posture. Physical activity is relatively small. In the classroom teaching, not only to what is yoga, but also about the peculiarities of the method Iyengar, explain how to use additional materials, and watch his body. Class program is designed primarily for 4 lessons. In some centers, yoga classes are held in a row in a day or two, in others, as a rule, once a week at the same day of the week.

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Beginner class

In this class, learn the basic program.
It focuses on standing postures that make the body stronger and more plastic, and thus prepare him to perform more complex asanas. In addition, in the initial class are performed postures to strengthen the back and extremities, leg stretching, mastering inversions such as
Sarvangasana and Sarvangasane (stand it for about 5 minutes), and be in no difficulty Halasane 2-3 minutes.

Basic Class 2

This class next level, wherein the base development program continues.
Poses standing still paid a lot of attention, in addition to the program include backbends, bending, twisting, preparation for
Padmasana , the difficulty level increases asanas. It also develops new inversions: Sirshasana (headstand). If you attend the class regularly, after 6 months or a year you will be able to start attending Osnovnoy class. The level of your practice can still be judged by the inverted postures. You must be confident in Sarvangasane at least 5 minutes and up to 5 minutes in Shirshasana .

Beginner, Beginner Class 2

The schedule some yoga center can meet Basic, Basic class 2. This is mixed classes that can attend even beginners.
Teacher each time looking at the composition of the group and, depending on the program that selects. 

The main class

In this class students come, who have mastered the basic program, ready for more serious work.
It is designed for people who are engaged on a regular basis not only in the yoga center, but also independently. Asanas are complicated, inversions performed with variations. The body is ready, not only to carry out more complex asanas, but also to master the basics of working with the breath (
pranayama ). Preparation for pranayama is held in the fourth week of each month.

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intensive class

For those who regularly practices yoga at least 2 years.
The intensity of the course is not so much the high physical loads, but in the depth and thoroughness of development has passed poses, ie, in the thinner skin and exploring movements of individual body points. Conditions for such work are mastered backend prepared and modified by the practice of the body, attentive mind.

Female class

The program of this class is suitable for women even in the menstrual period, or if there is disease in women hormonal and reproductive system.
Specially selected complex asanas particularly beneficial effect on the female body and help get rid of a variety of disorders and diseases, facilitate the flow of menopause and menstruation, a woman’s body prepares for pregnancy and childbirth.

Class spine problems

This class is designed for people who from time to time feel the tension and stiffness, mild pain in the back, neck, shoulder and pelvic girdle, which is associated with symptoms of osteoarthritis in the lower, middle and upper parts of the spine.
Classes are held in the group using auxiliary devices and supports for facilitated implementation postures. It allows you to stay in poses for a longer time, without tiring, that promotes deeper relaxation of tight muscles in the human body. Class of spine problems and for those who would like to pay special attention to work with the back, learn how to work in positions with such problems as scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, exert yourself first aid in case of pain or excessive strain on your back. Despite the fact that the load is less than in the general classes, a class can not attend during the exacerbation, when you are experiencing severe pain and can not move normally.

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According to the materials of “Ekagrata┬╗ Center (St. Petersburg), Yoga Practika (Moscow), Iyengar Yoga Center (Pererburge) Yoga Center “Sphere” (St. Petersburg).

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