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The food of the three gunas

Ayurveda takes into account the fact that the food not only nourishes the body and affects the mind and consciousness.
Along with the physical constitution, which is characterized by three doshas, ​​there is a psychic constitution, characterized by the three gunas: sattva (balance, purity), rajas (movement) and Tamas (inertia). The three modes must be in balance. Rajas – is the kinetic energy of the creative, Tamas – destructive or potential energy, and sattva – is a state of harmony.

The three gunas and temperament of the people

Sattva guna enlightens and frees from misery and disease. Being under the influence of the gunas finds happiness and knowledge. Rajas guna born of unlimited desires and lusts; due to the influence of rajas people tied to the actions and results of the actions. The investigation of influence of tamas guna – madness, indolence and sleep.

These three modes are always present in the mind of every person.
In the mental and astral planes three qualities or gunas correspond to the three types of characters. These three basic qualities – Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. Sattva expresses the truth, understanding, purity, clarity, compassion and love. Raja causes mind that acts on the level of feelings. Rajas contains movement, aggression, and focus on the external. Tamas manifest ignorance, inertia, sluggishness and stupidity.

People sattvic temperament have healthy bodies, their behavior and consciousness are very clean.
They believe in the existence of God, they are religious and righteous. Personality rajasic temperament are interested in business, prosperity, power and position. They enjoy wealth and usually extroverted. They may believe in God, but they can also suddenly change faith. They are good policies. Tamasic person lazy, selfish and capable of destroying the other. They usually have little respect for others and not religious.

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Classification of food for the three modes

The process of determining the dominant mode of your complex, and to better understand the need to consult a specialist in Ayurveda.
But for a start you can try to lead your dietary habits in line with your personality and environment. In Ayurveda food usually divided into sattvic, radzhasnuyu and tamasnuyu, according to how it contributes to quality of mind. If the character you rajas – spunky and energetic – you may need to consume Sattvic and tamasnuyu food to reach the sattva (balance). If you are lazy and passive, try to consume radzhasnuyu and sattvic food.

The food of the three gunas 7

Sattvic food – light and healthy, which increases the clarity of mind. It contributes to the development of love, compassion, forgiveness and asceticism. By sattvic foods include fruits, vegetables, fresh juice, cereals, grains, bread from not sifted flour, milk, butter, cheese, honey, nuts, seeds, herbs (including herbal teas) and water.

The food of the three gunas 8Radzhasnaya food – increases the activity, exciting, with a pronounced taste. It is usually hot, spicy and salt, with an irritating and stimulating effect. Often it is seductive: has begun, it is difficult to stop. By radzhasnoy foods are spicy and savory, seasoning, coffee, chocolate, tea, salt, fish, and eggs. Radzhasnaya food makes the mind more agitated and unstable, which manifests itself in extreme forms of anger, hatred, the desire to dominate and control.

The food of the three gunas 9Tamasnaya food – heavy, mind-numbing, causing a feeling of heaviness and depression. However, heavy, numbing effect tamasnoy food manifests only when it is excessive use. Small amounts of food tamasnaya promotes stability. Tamasnaya foods include mushroom, meat, onions, garlic, fermented foods such as vinegar, overripe and stale products, alcohol.

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