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Japanese Shiatsu massage

Japanese Shiatsu massage 3

Japanese Shiatsu refers to one of the oldest methods of treatment in Oriental Medicine. This treatment by finger pressure is used instead of acupuncture. During the session, the therapist works on biologically active points. Moreover, these terms are often chosen masseur intuitively. This principle, according to the founder of the national school Shiautsu – Takiyuro Namikoshi the basis for massage techniques.

Shiatsu massage philosophy assumes that everyone is full of vital energy, which is responsible for his mental and physical and emotional state, as well as ensures the recovery of the body.
This energy circulates in certain meridians are located on both sides of the body. The whole body is a holistic and coherent structure and moving energy creates a balance of all human body systems. If the energy moves freely in all meridians, then the person is healthy, if a meridian is blocked, then the associated body begins to experience a lack of, or excess energy. Japanese Shiatsu allows you to remove blocks of the meridians and restore balance in the body.

When performing Shiatsu massage pressure on biologically active points should be soft, with no offset.
The fingers are located at the same perpendicular to the massaged area. Total Shiatsu rather long and usually lasts about an hour, a local massage lasts for five to ten minutes.

Shiatsu massage has a beneficial effect on the human nervous system: relieves stress, calms the nerves, can achieve emotional and mental balance.
In addition, it has a good effect on the skin, so it is often used by women. Facial massage technique Shiatsu improves the overall tone of the skin and slows down the process of aging

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Shiatsu is well relieves pain after injuries and operations, during the premenstrual period.
Optimal results are achieved by the use of massage in prophylactic use, or in the early stages of the disease.

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