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Yoga tour to India

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How does one attain moksha through Jnana-yoga? 1

How does one attain moksha through Jnana-yoga?

Practice of Jnana Yoga, results in everyday life In Hindu philosophy, one of the types of yoga is called jnana yoga.┬áIt represents the path to the attainment of moksha, or the exit from the infinite wheel of samsara, the alternation of births and death, and liberation from the torment of the material body. The yoga […]

Andrei Sidersky

Loading… Cozdatel known gymnastic system Yoga 23 , the creator of a specific direction in contemporary art – the so-called “psychotronic Art”, author and developer of special breathing exercises in the water – “Plavita-Sadhana” and the special breathing exercises “Boeks”, to improve the efficiency of tissue respiration, also successfully used by professional divers. Andrey Sidersky […]

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