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When Luis Miguel told me the story of how it came to life once Mindfulness wanted to tell us in an article. ” It was like meeting a friend of a lifetime, someone who knew their existence but who at the same time I was away for a long.” So much joy did for you and for everyone, as it can be also tool for your own revolution.

mindfulness Revolution

The practice of so-called “mindfulness” or Mindfulness is emerging in the West as a true revolution in the way of understanding life.

exponentially growing number of centers where you can learn Mindfulness, meditation and other mind-related knowledge and practices. Also courses and retreats of these techniques.

Proliferate in the network websites and blogs dedicated to Mindfulness or Mindfulness and articles in scientific and professional journals on the subject speak every day of the multiple applications of this, as well as the discoveries of neuroscience about it.

It really seems that we are living a revolution of contemplative practices.

But why should all this?

There is an inherent human need, and that is to seek happiness and well-being.

And in that search normally carried out, sought abroad through things, money, power, people, relationships, feelings, we can lose and exhausting; In fact nobody in that a permanent satisfaction because the very nature of that search is fleeting , so that the person entering the “circle” or hamster wheel is trapped, running toward something that seems to be in a different place this .

When your only motivation is to be in search of something you have, frustration, fatigue and stress inevitably appears.

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And this is where the practice of Mindfulness suggests we stop to observe, to listen, to be silent in the midst of all that interior and exterior noise that drives us out of this.

And it is here and now where that calm appears, that peace, that feeling of being full, no need to leave this time to find a better … only here and now, nothing to do, nowhere to go.

Clearly Mindfulness is not a new discovery, is not a fad, it’s just an update of the ancient Buddhist teachings, and other spiritual traditions from that perennial wisdom that have reported from time immemorial some teachers, enlightened and beings very high capacity, to realize that man seeks out what has always been inside.

The inner path can be traced from different locations as well; the practice of yoga as disclosed in this blog includes a philosophy of life centered on the presence in the practice of kindness, unconditional love and compassion for all beings.

Moreover, I have titled this article “Mindfulness, the revolution of silence” for the simple reason that unlike other revolutions is not based on be heard, to raise your voice or impose an idea. Quite the contrary, it is a silent revolution to the extent that it is an inner journey, individual work but the collective time. This is done in the stillness of meditation or practice of daily life paying attention to everything when it happens without trial or evaluation.

And while it is a path that keep adding every day thousands of people around the world; This is creating in this way there is a large network of more sentient beings, who are of that silently “connected” to this new paradigm that seeks a change in the way of understanding life, more balanced, empathetic and kind.

This apparent change in global consciousness is expressed in many ways, whether to charitable initiatives, fair trade, defense of the rights of the most disadvantaged, against consumption and exploitation of animals and respect the planet and its resources natural.

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Mindfulness practice is actually a lifestyle . You begin to realize the changing nature of all, the law of impermanence that dominates everything and against which we can not fight, just flow with it.

You realize that both desire and rejection are also passengers to move from one extreme to another does not create more suffering and frustration.

Observe your thoughts, emotions and sensations change. That like the sky, it may one day be covered with clouds and do not let see the sun, the next day they disappear and leave a clean blue sky.

You learn to detach yourself from what you can not retain or change and accept that any change is a result of a natural and eternal law, and that this change does nothing but give you the opportunity to enjoy every moment of a new present, born to each moment when you pay attention.

What this revolution meant for me

Tell in detail how Mindfulness changed my life would be cause for a comprehensive post but do not want to miss this opportunity to tell you a little about it.

Indeed, it was a real inner revolution. It was like meeting a friend of a lifetime, someone who knew their existence but who at the same time I was away for a long.

It is the result of looking inside you, calm you and let all that mental noise made up of desires, attachments, fantasies, sorrows, memories and projections.

It was also the moment I realized why my body was responding to external stresses as anxiety, palpitations, discouragement, fatigue and nightmares.

And realize that the way to end all this discomfort was not fight it or use medicines that calmed me.

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It was a simpler task

Just put the attention right now, with curious look with the eyes of a beginner, leaving aside the labels, beliefs or molds made in another time, another place.

Only here, present, calm, expecting nothing and yet open to everything that comes up at every moment, ready to live it fully, with joy, savoring every last drop of an ocean can drink in one gulp.

It is a genuine liberation and therefore a revolution of silence, the primordial silence from which everything arises, thoughts, emotions, feelings, to show you that you already have now all you need, and located at that moment can paddle wide awake to the sun shining on the horizon coming every day to light your way in this world.

It is what can be called an awakening of consciousness. It may seem strange at first that only paying attention to everyday things and spend a few minutes a day to sit and watch your breath will reach those levels of understanding.

That way I learned that how easy this big, that less is more and that fighting the waves just hurts and wears.

I discovered that the key was “surfing” those waves not deny or resist them, was only accept that rough seas had nothing to do with me, that these waves had nothing personal against me and after a while calm again today these troubled waters.

On that table it is the present moment slipping through the waves can feel life at every moment and flow with it.

Nothing more need to pay attention to this silent where everything comes and everything changes.

I invite you to enjoy life in the Revolution of Silence, the Mindfulness Revolution!

Luis Miguel Colado

If you want to know more about Mindfulness, here is the link to the blog of Luis Miguel: www.reducirestres.com