The Art of Slowness

For many people, subjected to the hectic pace of everyday life, the slowness is interpreted as clumsiness, inefficiency and apathy. But what if she keep it a key to a door that leads us to live in a more peaceful, effective and balanced way?

“In life there is something more important than increasing its speed.”


In recent weeks I have been charged with many responsibilities and pending tasks. Some days when I wake up I had the perception that I have to undertake a lot of things and not enough time me. It seemed he had pointed me to a race against time and we were not going in the same direction. Interestingly though he was doing more things, I felt I was living less, have you had the same feeling ever?

This article is intended to invite to park the rush and become aware of every second. Today I will do fewer things, but I will make them better and savor them slowly and you?

Slowness involves sample every minute

Sometimes we become obsessed with the idea that to make good times we have to be always doing something, and to be productive is to make more and more in less time. It is curious that our culture be slow synonymous with clumsy and useless, and yet for many cultures, slow turtle is a spiritual animal, symbol of longevity and wisdom.

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Do things slowly, it does not mean thinking or living with apathy but become aware of the sacred quality that vibrates in every little thing we do. If we do not take enough time to perceive that quality, we will be getting lost something more important than time itself: the life that dwells in each of its seconds.

If we are to fast forward through life, we can not appreciate the little things, almost imperceptible details of everyday life. However, if we slow down and slow motion will suddenly begin to discover new surprising elements on the stage of our existence. Perhaps on the way you normally do every day to work, you take notice of the unique beauty of a tree that has always been there, or you stop to buy some flowers for your desktop to the vendor who smiles at you every morning.

My mother is someone who does things calmly, who stops to observe the slightest that is in its path. Thanks to this feature of his personality, as a child I sensed that she enjoys intensely everything and that his time passes at the right speed so that none of the wonders miss the day gives him under any circumstances you are.

To feel good about yourself and appreciate what we have, it is important to enjoy the moment you’re living and try to do things that bring us to the sweeter side of life.

Tips for Training the Art of Slowness

1. Savor this, leaving to postpone happiness for the future. The best time advantage is that we love what we do, with full awareness of the moment.

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2. Prioritize what is important for the urgent. A journal devoted to those things while you closer to your dreams, your life projects, because during those moments seem to do magic to stop time. There is no lack of time but clear priorities and goals in life.

3. Simplify your life, free yourself of worries and unnecessary burdens, so you leave room for what’s really important.

4. “wasting your time” from time to time without doing anything, just being present: Here and Now.

5. Dwell whenever possible.

6. Respect the sacred hours of the day, as the hour for food, bedtime, time to share with family, etc.

7. Walk slowly observing what happens around you, contemplating the beauty along the way.

8. Stop occasionally and breathe ….

9. Take advantage of the lulls to meet you.

10. Replace the clock compass, more important than time is the sense.

11. Do not answer quickly, take your time for important decisions. Slowly best reasons and have time to listen to our intuition.

12. And last but not least, practice Yoga ????

Peace and inner serenity are revealed when we pause in silence to listen to our soul We have been taught to run, to do things fast, have taught us to gain time, but not really living it. This is not to escape reality in which we live, but ask your challenges from the serenity, balancing our rates not to lose what really matters.

With love,

Amelia Zuzel