More Experiences Silva Reinaldo and his career as a footballer

More Experiencias Silva: Reinaldo and his career as a footballer 3

Silva Method Life Testimonials

Today I want to share the testimony of Reinaldo Brenes of San José (Costa Rica), who tells us how he managed to overcome thanks to injury Silva Method and its desire to move forward.

Reinaldo was raised to take the course at home Silva Method after suffering two major injuries playing football: A groin injury and hamstring tear.

At that time, his playing career was not exactly well and he was not in his best stage.

All this led him to acquire the Silva Method to learn more about how to meditate and take advantage of all its benefits and give new impetus to your life.

Reinaldo tells us that, since receiving the course, was satisfied with his decision: “I was delighted to receive the courses at home. They are very simple to follow, in great detail and meditations are very good “ .

And after following the course (and thanks to his perseverance and dedication), came the first results.

Reinaldo not only got to be much more calm and relaxed always, but The hamstring injury disappeared completely!

Also he tells us that “before not sleeping well and I got up at dawn” . Instead, “now I manage to sleep well and wake up with the technique of awakening” .

In fact, aside from all that, Reinaldo has returned to playing football.

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He is currently studying at the University of Akron in Ohio, and this is where you practice your favorite sport.

From the Silva Method Team we want to thank you for sharing your testimony and let us know that thanks to the Silva Method your life is getting better.

Congratulations on your results, Reinaldo, and good luck in your career as a footballer.

And we want to remind you that if you want to send us your testimony, you know we are delighted to read them all and dedicate a space in our blog ????

Actually, we all deserve the life we ​​want. There is nothing to stop you from achieving your goals, so go for them and allow yourself to enjoy all the good things to come.