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Stop judging ourselves … I thought it was something that had “transcended”, lol. But life brings us over and over again situations to continue to grow, to realize that we will never ever stop learning.

What happens is that I’m not always aware.
I’ve noticed this morning realized something curious … But better start remembering to tell the story a few months ago …


The smile on awakening

I read a meditation of Osho inviting us to wake up with a smile. He commented what we are attached to the suffering that comes when we laugh is for a reason and never laughed without a cause. He told us how beautiful it is laughter and purification that gives us, giving us a vivid from love day. Recalling that there is nothing serious and can even laugh at our misfortunes.

Meditation share with you. My invitation, as always, is to experience it for yourself and see if you served or not.

When you wake up in the morning, before opening your eyes, stretch like a cat. Stretch every part of your body. Enjoy stretching, feel your body enjoys waking up, coming back to life. After three or four minutes of stretching, with your eyes still closed, laughing. For five minutes just laugh. At first you’ll do that, but soon, when you try to laugh a genuine laughter appear. Get lost in laughter.

This technique may take a few days before you are able to do it. We are not used to laugh, we have forgotten how. But it will soon be spontaneous. And then, every morning, enjoy!

I practiced this exercise for a while and it was wonderful even happened to me as there says, that laughter and appeared alone, without forcing it. I woke up every day with an amazing joy I had with me the rest of the day.

What happened now?

Well now what happened is that I have a time cost me smile when I wake up. It is no longer as before and I miss those days of laughter. Now it is not that I’m sad. I just get up otherwise. Quieter, calmer and no smile on my face. I go to the bathroom and then to the mat. A few sun salutations, a few minutes of conscious breathing, meditation … But without laughing.

And I judge every morning. Every morning think: Why I do not feel like smiling? What am I doing wrong in my life? Why is this happening? I have the sun in my head (you can see in the picture) and still there is a smile on his face, how can that be?


Light on my actions

I do not know if you’ll notice because I just made aware this morning, all those doubts, all those thoughts where I constantly judged only served to make me feel worse. I was closing the experience of living a different tomorrow. Compared it with those times where I was laughing before you even open your eyes and this lack of joy of these days when I get up, they made me feel guilty. Something was wrong, no doubt.

This morning I discovered that the only thing that was wrong was my attitude. It was that it was denying a part of me now. It was that he wanted to repeat the past and not fully living the present with what was bringing me. Yes, it’s different now. Now no smile, now I feel a kind of peace, of quiet in my mornings. But it was not until this morning that I saw that I could really enjoy. And you know what happened? He did the smile on my face. Natural, fresh, spontaneous.

My invitation to you

Heart, my invitation today is to look at every corner of your life. Sometimes the least we do unconsciously. I had no idea that I was judging And he did every morning! Watch yourself. In every moment you can. In every interaction with every person you encounter on your way. In every circumstance of your life, no matter how routine it is. The transformation occurs with conscious observation and can happen in a second, as happened to me this morning.

Your life is your great teacher but moves away so much of it we do not see and seek out the teacher. Look inward sky. The teacher is you.

A very big hug for you, and thank you very much, again, for joining me on this journey of self – knowledge and peace.



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