Disconnect to connect

Right now I am experiencing some changes in my life. Some come alone, they fall by gravity. Or what it is the same, come to be on this path I have chosen a more conscious life.

Others come because emerges the need to test, and you start to think about what other things can help.
And the proof these days is to disconnect a little …

disconnect to connect

I remember a few years ago, while working as a computer in Madrid, there was a time that I was lucky that office was close to home, and was walking. Perhaps they were about 10 minutes, which of course, I could not stop advantage for ¿enjoy the scenery? ¿Look people in the eye? Does watching my thoughts? No … The “advantage” to make the calls of the day as he went to and fro walking with eyes closed heart.

Sometimes these eyes blinked, and looked a little.
And in those brief moments magical things were happening. Once I ran into two African boys who used to be at the doors of shops with a newspaper called The Street, which offer people to change their will. They were walking, talking, happy, when they passed through the side of a girl sitting begging on the sidewalk. It was so natural and spontaneous that I shed some tears at the sight. The two stood and took a few coins for her, she said a few words and went their merry way.

Sometimes he not is talking on the
phone when I did the tour, but was running from side to side. There was no time to lose! When he came home ate, and after seeing an episode of The Simpsons who put on TV at that time. Now that was enjoy life!

I’m not judging, although it may seem
????. At that time I was happy doing what he did. Only now I look back for a moment and see my change. There are other things that fascinate me, that move me, that inspire me.

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With regular practice of yoga I’ve also been learning to slow down, be careful because the magic is everywhere. This life is passing, as we do other plans, said John Lenon. And this slow down, observe and watch me this has also brought me the desire to not always be available. Mobile, Facebook, Twitter, Email … And all these connections are useful and necessary for my daily work, but we must find, I have to find a balance.


That is why today I decided to come to the beach to write this article, without the Internet and mobile. And then I’ll go out and put up posters around town promoting my yoga classes, also without moving. And maybe I feel a bit at the port because I have some ideas for my next class and want to translate them into a notebook that I carry with me. And surely take a few minutes to meditate, to be with me, which is also to be with everyone … It will be a morning off! But it will be a physical disconnection, because I emotionally feel and with a great connection to the land, with sand under my body, waves in front of me, the sun is already beginning to leave, people come and they smiled gratefully of his friendly presence. I feel connected to you, you read me now, and it ‘s a feeling I do not know how to describe it . I know it comes from the heart with the roadmap to reach direct to yours.

It is possible that when you
get home have some missed calls from people interested in attending yoga classes. But nothing happens, the call, we will discuss possibly attend classes and perhaps one day talk to them about the disconnect to connect, or will encourage them to read this article I write today also for them.

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I encourage you to something you should already imagine … Log off a bit! But not because I tell you, do it only if you want to experience the feeling of freedom that you feel. And take advantage of this time, these minutes you earn to enjoy life and not keep happening to us. Go and give a hug, a kiss, a walk, sit to watch / te, practice yoga, draw, sing, dance, laugh, write, breathe, relax, meditate, cries, say all that you have inside and you do not you had encouraged to express, smiles, love.

Live, live …