Meditation to heal your mind

Meditation to heal your mind 3

Article by Ivan Vega member of the Writers Program Silva Method
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Reflect for a moment:

In my life I let go of patterns such as fear, hate myself or others, anxiety, criticism, anger, resentment, insecurity, guilt, apprehension …?

If you think so, then it’s time for you to work with these guidelines, then I show you a meditation which is very effective to process negative emotions and heal both physically and mentally.

1. Determine what the negative mental pattern that is affecting generally most ailments of the body are caused by resentment, resentment and guilt.

2. Establishes what would be the positive pattern corresponding generally positive healing guidelines for the love, peace and self-acceptance

3. Write a statement that will be a kind of mantra for example, sincerely forgive and release all the past. I choose to fill my life with peace and joy.

4. Put yourself in a comfortable position either sitting or lying ensuring that the spine is straight so that energy can flow properly.

5. Close the eye and begins to inhale and exhale deeply by abdominal breathing

6. You Think negative mental pattern, do you feel resentment? Where do you feel? In the stomach in the chest around the body? Visualize become that feeling in a sphere, with features that you establish spontaneously as color, size or location, you can put that in your stomach or is the size of a fist.

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7. Think positive mental pattern for example: forgiveness, think about everything you know about forgiveness, reflect on it, as you should apply it to your life to dissolve the negative pattern.

8. While still reflecting on the positive tone, displays a column of white light that runs down your spine and passes through your body, this pillar of light upon contact with the realm of negative thought that you created earlier dissolves instantly, you making you feel at peace with yourself.

9. Visualize yourself, as this new person who no longer lives with resentment, how will you be now that you have sincerely forgiven and you’ve detached from resentment? How you would walk, as would talk, you’ll think, how you feel, what would happen around you?

10. When you finish visualize yourself, pronounces the statement that you built and imagine that the column of white light becomes a sphere around you and protects you from any negative thoughts.

11. Before getting up pronounces the positive affirmation that you built, then you start moving your body slowly becomes aware of yourself and around you and when you are ready open your eyes.


Meditation is useful to process any kind of negative thinking , because when you are in alpha state of mind is freed from all negative emotions and placed in a relaxed and serene disposition.

Practice every day or as often as you feel necessary to dissolve your negative patterns, gradually you will notice how your mind is programmed into positive thoughts.

Meditation improves the action of the immune system which helps to be healthier and combat possible diseases.

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Positive thoughts are made of high frequencies and negative thoughts of low frequencies, you should know that high frequencies dissolve low and light quickly banishes darkness, therefore, positive thoughts work faster than the negative .