Acceptance without resignation. Mindfulness at work

Acceptance without resignation.  Mindfulness at work

In Mindfulness, when we talk about acceptance without resignation, we show that accepting the reality is not be swayed by submission.


Acceptance without resignation or how to start your own inner revolution here and now.


I always remember a phrase from one of my first Zen Masters when I was interested in recognizing that space for personal development in an area in which one is not happy.

“One thing is to be Buddhist and quite another to be assholes” (Notice that I am not in any religious orthodoxy. Everyone is free to profess, respecting any form of spirituality, even being this secular)

Let me use this malsonante to focus the idea I want to convey word.

Since the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness , we often talk about the acceptance of the present moment as it is, because it is the only concrete way that you have to overcome and create your own future from the present moment.

Here and now you live a reality that can not change right now, but you can go do so gradually from the present moment.

It looks like gibberish, but it is an undeniable reality.

Hal Elrod, in his book “miracle morning” explains how humans are walking through life with a rearview mirror through which we see any action we want to take.

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When we do something, we always look at the mirror and try to base our actions on our past experiences, which ended tied and bound in our own comfort zones by comparisons with paradigms and experiences of the past that are no longer real.

When this notion of acceptance without resignation took her to the workplace and given the high incidence that is beginning to have the practice of mindfulness in the workplace, sometimes we are trying to convince that stress, such as having a boss or a boss who bases his steering mode egotism and arrogance, is something to which we must resign ourselves, and it is there when needed to launch the phrase you said at the beginning of this post:

“Being Buddhist is one thing and being assholes quite another” or more updated without having a patina of religiosity hit you in the face does not mean you have to turn the other cheek, or shape, if you have a dominant boss or boss, acceptance without resignation is to take you to accept from the present moment but to lay the groundwork for change.

Start practice mindfulness or mindfulness, it is to begin an intimate and personal adventure that eventually will jump on you all the springs in your life that you had held until then.

Acceptance without own resignation of mindfulness, is settle in the here and now, knowing that every movement you start will lead to a new internal revolution resulting in you a new renaissance.

My recommendation is that you work that acceptance without resignation to install in your world movement of change and transformation from the here and now.

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Acceptance without resignation is to realize that you’re the owner or owner of the reins of your life and that from here and you can now launch the revolution of your own change.

And remember that it is very important and you should grabártelo well: you only get one chance to do it and that moment is life.

Take charge of your shift to the goals and objectives you set out.

Acceptance without resignation is just one element of change you need.

And always remember that what is extraordinary in the everyday.

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