The crisis of 50. Speaking in the second half of life

Speaking of the crisis 50 years, and in this case men, is planted almost suddenly in a sea of physical, emotional, social, sexual and of course , spiritual changes. That deals Fina Sanz in this new book, appeared after talking about the crisis of the 50 women in the volume “Dialogues wise women” , also published by Kairos.


The crisis of 50. “Men with heart.” Speaking in the second half of life. Fina Sanz. Editorial Kairos


50 years seems a mythical date in the life of anyone. In my case and when this writing (February 2015), I’m just over a year of “crossing the Rubicon” and, more than ever, and from the perspective of the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, have assured that the following steps must live from absolute presence and that of each depends on the crisis of the 50 is the signature of your change or stagnation in the “rien ne va plus” (does not go) of roulette of life.

I descurb√≠ Fina Sanz through my passion for photography and the attempt (I have already given several workshops) to unite photography and mindfulness; what I’m doing since . Fina had written a magnificent book that made me discover the relationship I was looking for , “Photobiography” and from reading the volume discovered you now present.

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The author manages to unite Armando, Jorge, Pablo, Pep, Rosendo and Sergio (assumed names to protect their privacy) you are about to enter the crisis of the 50 or have already crossed the mythical date, and tell us what they feel no limitations or subterfuge.

Thus, Fina Sanz and from extraordinary delicacy and sensitivity, makes these humans give free rein to their thoughts, ideas, passions, fears and hopes, focusing the experience of listening to them talk about various subjects or central axis.

Physical, emotional changes, sexuality, spirituality and social life, are the chapters that make up this interesting volume that I recommend to those who are about to enter the famous crisis of the 50 or those who have already gone through.

It is a book that men speak; but it is not a book for men, such as “dialog wise women” is not a text by women for women. My recommendation (so did I) is read two to share and learn both male and female experience of a time that can be very vital potential or a period of uncertainty lasts. As always, and from work worth attention, it will depend on how many times re re-positions on this stage.

With a foreword by Julian Fernandez de Quero Lucerón and final chapter of the author, the book that I propose here is to be a door to your reflection on the much-touted and named the crisis of 50 years or half-life.

One of the most pressing of those who speak those involved in the book, is the unemployment problem. At the end, when you close the book Fina Sanz shows us a final written one of the participants, surely, will be cause for reflection.

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I’ll take the last sentence Sergio leaves in his letter: “work to dignify life, the world.”

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