Meditation: What benefits does it bring?

Meditation: What benefits does it bring? 3

Article by Maria Paula Gutiérrez Fernández Writers Program Member Silva Method

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Why are people with uncertainty, fear and lack of control currently lives, manage to maintain a state of tranquility, calm, patience and clarity?

This is without doubt a timely question that delves into the minds of many, others have not even begun to question, while some people have stopped asking to start acting. It is a personal evolution and behold a world of difference.

Life is a matter of choices.

Making the decision to be aware of our thoughts, words and actions opens the door to a space of infinite possibilities and at the same time, a space where freedom of choice is experienced.

Choose … what ?, are some of you ask. Choose how to seize opportunities that present themselves ; choose the attitude with which we face the teachings of each of the lessons of life; choose which beliefs we will potentiate and which of them will modify and even delete; choose what kind of thoughts we hold during the day; choose from determination to move from words to action ; choose joy, confidence and acceptance as key tools in the intra and interpersonal relationships. Choose how we transform lives around, choose overflowing creativity; choose to live in peace with ourselves and with the people around us; Choose let ourselves be surprised and appreciate the simple things in life; choose the incrementing our gratitude; and anything else you want to add … I leave it to your imagination and is as good as you feel.

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Therefore, these and many more claims can be considered  benefits of meditation as a daily practice, because when we meditate, we are aware of the here and now, we learn to silence our mind, to listen to our hearts and therefore gain flexibility to respond quiet, calm and patiently for any event.

Sounds good!.