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What are some exercises in laughter therapy?

What are some exercises in laughter therapy? 3

Yoga of Laughter

Tips for beginners


  1. One laughing man is beautiful, two is better, three is better. Dr. Kataria believes that classes in the group are more effective than individual practice. Because they allow all members of the group to “get infected” with laughter from each other, thanks to which there is a so-called. hysterical laughter, which is most useful for health.
  2. It is very important that a person has a desire to laugh, which helps with joy to perform the exercises of Hasya Yoga.
  3. You do not need to monitor your laughter, evaluate its quality, melody or attractiveness of your face during laughter. The purpose of the classes is not to create a beautiful laugh, but to gain health benefits.
  4. Develop a child’s playfulness and carelessness. Children laugh with their whole body, and adults with reason, so children laugh 400-500 times a day, and adults hardly 10-15 times.
  5. To develop the habit of laughing, one should practice laughing yoga daily for 40 days. It does not matter whether you are going to group lessons all this time or whether you will laugh yourself – it is important that the 40-day formula works.
  6. Hassia Yoga classes should last 15 minutes. You can start with less time, trying to gradually increase the time. The best time for classes is the morning. During the day, you need to give a few more minutes of laughter to get a positive charge.

Yoga exercises of laughter

Warm up

Stand up straight, close your eyes, completely relax. Think of something good that can make you smile (not laughter). As soon as a warm feeling appears inside you – smile at him. Feel the joy within you grow, fill and overwhelm you. As the joyous feeling grows, your smile should grow wider and wider until, finally, you do not want to laugh in your voice. Smile, continue to grow a sense of joy in yourself, laugh louder and louder until you start laughing. Laugh as much as you want. When you are free, relax. Repeat 3 times.

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Soulful laughter

Stand up straight, close your eyes, completely relax, stretch your arms in front of you and inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth noisily. Then take a breath while inhaling, and laugh at the exhalation. Do this exercise for 10 minutes.

Animal laughter

The task of the exercise is to laugh, imitating some animal.

What are some exercises in laughter therapy? 4


Laughing chicken

Sit down, legs are slightly apart, hands are laid back. Your laughter should look like a happy cackle (“ho-ho-ho”).

Smile of a lion

Bend your elbows forward, spread your fingers. Yawn as broadly as possible, sticking out the language “ha-ah-ah.” Repeat 3-5 times at a slow pace.

Smiling dog

Take a wooden stick in your teeth, squeeze it as hard as you can, stretching your lips in a smile, hold on for 20 seconds, then gradually loosen the grip and finally relax completely without releasing a stick from your mouth. Repeat the exercise 5-6 times.

Pig’s laughter

Exercise is very simple – you have to try to laugh so that laughter turns into a grunt. If you do not immediately get a natural grunting laughter – just grunt and laugh.

Laughter of the monkey

Draw a monkey in front of the mirror. Jump up and laugh “hoo-hoo-hoo”.

Laughing mouse

Throw your head back, screw up your eyes, wrinkle your nose, stretch out your lips and laugh as thinly as a mouse: “hee-hee-hee.”

Laughter of the Elephant

Arrange legs and arms, draw air into the chest and laugh with a low good-humored elephant laugh “ho-ho-ho” or “ha-ha-ha”.

You can try to portray the laughter of other animals as you imagine it. If you are in a group, try to make someone laugh with your idea. If it succeeds, laugh as freely as you want.

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Laughing on the phone

Bring your hand to your ear, as if you have a phone in your hand. Pretend that someone is calling you and telling something hilarious. Laugh as much as possible infectious and more fun. If you are in a group, during a “telephone conversation” try to establish eye contact with someone from the audience. If it succeeds, imagine what it is you are talking on the phone, and laugh together.


Imagine that you are a motor boat and someone is trying to get you. From the bottom of your chest (the area of ​​the diaphragm) there should be “clockwork” sounds – first low, quiet and slow “ho-ho-ho”, then faster and higher, louder and more active “ha-ha-ha.” And so a few minutes until the “boat” finally starts. Give it a few seconds, then relax.

Dance with an inflatable ball

This exercise can only be performed in a group. Two participants without arms try to keep the inflatable ball, sandwiched between their chest cells. In this case, the partners perform dance movements like a waltz – they move in a circle and still circle around the ball. You can laugh and laugh at the time of this exercise, serious concentration on the precise execution of the exercise is useless, but we must try not to drop the ball, do as many dance circles as possible. As mutual understanding between partners grows, you can complicate the task and dance, for example, tango with a ball or cha-cha-cha.

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