One of the common elements that has been proven when studying the longest populations is their good predisposition to life and happiness .

Tension and bitterness are not advisable. However, laughter, even a liberating laugh in dramatic moments , has proven to be very beneficial .

You have to laugh and several times a day. And if we’re not used to it, you can take the habit . But it is not any laughter. It is not worth forced laughter before a joke that does not make fun, nor the commitment to people. It must be a laugh from within , natural.


The good news is that you can get that laugh, even if you think you’re not laughing a lot and it’s hard for you to have fun with things. There are techniques you can apply at home .

  • Inspire large puffs of air and expel them exaggeratedly. Over-oxygenation can make you feel light-headed and help you to put aside negative thoughts.
  • Tickle. If you are with friends, try to find and gently press the muscles that unleash the laughter. It will not be necessary to touch to cut yourself.
  • Imitate a baby. The sounds that emit the smallest are contagious.
  • Without taking off his lips, he tries to pronounce the letter eme all the time . The absurd sound that comes out invites you to laugh at yourself.


In addition, you can also go to a laughter therapy workshop to let go and laugh. “They are especially designed for people who are closed in on themselves and with difficulties to express their emotions, but that can be useful for everyone ,  explains Enrique Aguilar, playful and laughter therapy coaching.

  • In these sessions, laughter is sought through the movement of the body. First people interact with each other with small games to build trust and calm the mind. Then he invites himself to laugh for no reason.

“We train to evoke laughter,” explains Aguilar. Just as an actor manages to look within himself for sadness and tears, they also manage to evoke laughter and laugh naturally. In essence we are joy and happiness is a matter of recovering it “ .

  • Laughter can be initiated and by contagion (for example, by supporting one’s head in the belly of someone who laughs) the liberating laughter is extended to the others . Not everyone laughs. You can not force laughter, but most people get it and laugh at people who initially did not feel like it.


Almost nobody questions that laughing is healthy. But can it be so beneficial as to consider it an effective therapy for some ailments?

According to Dr. Ramón Mora, who has researched the therapeutic use of humor and laughter and has written books on the subject, in the strict sense it can not be stated in an absolute way that laughter heals, but he does not doubt that in a sense wider, laughing is good for health because it affects the physical and psychic level .

The best example is Patch Adams , an American doctor who evolved the medical system with his unorthodox proposals. He noticed that the doctors were more afraidthan anything else and that applying humor got better results.

  • Its history was taken to the cinema with Robin Williams of protagonist. The verification of the effectiveness of their method makes it not so strange today to find hospitals that include laughter therapy monitors in some therapeutic routines.


With the liberating, wide and moving laugh a lot of muscles you get numerous benefits. These are the most important:

  1. There is a reduction in blood pressure .
  2. Low stress , because they reduce the hormones that cause it.
  3. Increase flexibility and muscle relaxation .
  4. The oxygenation of the blood is increased .
  5. The immune system is strengthened .
  6. It boosts the production of endorphins , linked to the sensation of pleasure and well-being, which makes laughter therapy a good tool to mitigate the pain of arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia and other painful diseases.


“Adults overshadow over time, ” adds the expert in laugh therapy Aguilar. The tensions of day to day makes us contract the diaphragm. When you laugh you get to expand again. It is liberating, people after laughing feel like a weight has been removed . 

Unfortunately, among the values ​​of society, it is not a priority to enjoy life . We look for productivity and yields and results. We do it by sacrificing well-being many times.

That is something that we lived from small. Children are asked what grades they have taken. It is rarely given more importance to know if they have enjoyed school and day. Little by little we distance ourselves from the game and from laughter to be more efficient and productive .