The Manifestation of Your Dreams Begins in the Mind

The Manifestation of your Dreams Begins in the Mind 3

woman-in-field-of-flowersThe power of the mind is infinite when it comes to control what happens around and within us. The question of the year is done How to really influence the present and the future ?. Silva used a technique that is very effective is called Creative Visualization which is to visualize what we wish for that to manifest in our lives.

But what does the display with reality? And how is that something that is created with the mind really can manifest ?.

Well the same questions I did me, so I started doing some research on the Internet and found this article on that topic which clarifies these questions and others you may have about it. Here you will be reporting to you.

What is creative visualization?

Creative visualization is the technique of using one’s imagination to create what you want in life. Creative visualization is one where we create a subjective reality, we have not experienced before.

There is an objective reality, which is what happens in our external environment: the conditions and stimuli that come to us through our five senses and subjective reality, which is given only within ourselves.

It is the subjective reality that governs our behavior, ie, the reality that happens within us. The explanation for this phenomenon is that our brain does not distinguish between a real event and an imagined event. This is demonstrated in the wonderful book “Psycho Cybernetics,” Dr. Maxwell Maltz (Editorial Open prject Books).

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Maltz explains how the brain works: Scientifically, the brain is our “host computer”. Controls all body functions both conscious (walking, running, reading) and unconscious (breathing, heartbeat, digestion, etc.).

When something happens, the brain gives the necessary orders to the body to respond appropriately to what is happening: secrete adrenaline rush … This happens both when the event is objective and subjective: when we imagine that something goes wrong, the brain tells the body the appropriate response. That is why, for example, so that stress affects us. It is estimated that 90% of doctor visits in the US are related to stress.

But beyond a physical response, the brain a psychological response program. According to the information we have, the brain show a pattern of behavior: we behave in one way or another, as the case and, depending on how we behave, we get the results we want or do not want.

That is the importance and the “secret” display: When creating a subjective reality, the brain programs the appropriate behavior pattern and this pattern leads to results. To us to this reality we believe is the correct one or more benefits us.

If we have a creative visualization health, prosperity, energy or happiness it is what we will get. We will create our future reality.

Creative visualization is just our imagination applied to any goal we want to achieve. It’s like when we daydream: we imagine or we project ourselves in a place where we want to be, for example, in the mountains, on the beach, in another country … or when we anticipate mentally a situation, for example, when we have make a presentation at work, or sell something and imagine doing it before it actually happens.

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In this regard, it should be noted that memories are also a form of display, since remembering, imagine a situation turn to “see” and feel what we felt at the time we had that experience.

However, this is not a creative visualization.
Creative visualization is one in the “create” a subjective reality, we have not experienced before. It is this kind of creative visualization is what helps us achieve our goals, whether related to health, prosperity, improvement of our relations or any field in which we want to apply.