Meditation for Beginners: 3 Techniques to help you get started

Meditation for Beginners: 3 Techniques to help you get started 5

Meditation for Beginners

Did you just start your meditation practice? Are you having a hard time trying to calm your mind, or even to make time to meditate?

If your answer is yes, I invite you to read these tips that I think can help you to start your practice.

1. Comfort is the key

Yes, all great teachers and students experienced in meditation often sit cross-legged in what is called the position of “lotus” or “half-lotus” during meditation. And they look so good, right? They make it look easy sit cross-legged on the floor with your back straight and body relaxed.

But every time you try it, do you knees hurt? Do you feel uncomfortable and you can not relax? Do not worry! You do not have to sit like a yogi master of meditation to achieve deep states of relaxation successfully. The important thing is to be comfortable. So if you have a straight-backed chair, a pillow to sit or wall to support you, use them and veraás how your practice will become easier.

Important ! Note that you must be comfortable enough to relax but not fall asleep, so we do not recommend that you meditate in bed or lying on a sofa as it is very likely that you lead away to sleep and not Logres finish your practice.

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The ideal position is comfortable, with a straight spine and neck and shoulders relaxed.


2. Food for thought
Meditation for Beginners: 3 Techniques to help you get started 6
If what you’re trying to do is sit down and try not to think about anything, good luck with that!
Our recommendation is that you give something to the left hemisphere of your brain. Yes, keep busy and think it will be much easier.

It can be a mantra, focus on your breathing or alpha any repetitive sound or background music will allow your brain “something to do” and let you meditate.

3. Patient

Yes, you’re going to fidget. And yes, your mind will wander. But please be patient and not give up!
All beginners go through this so I consider it part of learning.
If your nose becomes itchy while not let you continue, well, just razcala and continue with your meditation. If your mind wanders and goes off on a tangent 100 times in one session, gently bring her back 100 times (and prepare for both 101).

Over time, these and other distractions will diminish, I assure you.

But if we do not start, we never arrive. So try these meditation techniques and tell me what you were such.