Excellent for beginners yoga video. 45 minutes of practice.

Very good day!

Here I leave this magnificent gift
video yoga for beginners with which you can enjoy a lot in your beginnings in the practice of yoga at home .

I sent it to a friend a few days ago, and left me this comment, we now want to share:

“Hello naylin!
I have seen this video you recommended yoga.

I am eager to tell you it was amazing !!
I felt my breath, I was aware of it, stretched in a way never before known my abdomen, but also I have to say I did many things wrong! I read your article pains yoga and I demanded more than they should, therefore it hurt a little lower part of the column, now I want to devour your advice, I’ve seen two of your articles at this time in one you mention the most important thing to practice yoga is the attitude and you’re absolutely right, I want to continue learning a little of what you convey to us on this blog so full of love, I would love to keep finding very basic tips to continue this practice .

Thank you so much!
I feel a peace and clarity that I love, somehow, just with my first few minutes feel like I’m starting something important.

Little kisses!!”

I hope you will be excited to see the video of yoga for beginners as smoothly perform sequences and positions in it. And I also encourage you to leave me your comments about the video and on your practice, I’d love to know how it went!

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A big hug for you!