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Restorative yoga after childbirth

Restorative yoga after childbirth 3

Motherhood is the most important period in a woman’s life. However, after birth the young mom faced with the symptoms of postpartum depression and problems with slim figure. Many people think that they will never return to a flat stomach, shapely thighs and firmer breasts. To all this is added to a sense of anxiety for the baby, chronic fatigue, insomnia, frustration. A large role is played by hormones, which begins to rebuild after childbirth and bring moral discomfort to the woman.

In order to avoid significant changes in the appearance and the soul are encouraged to start doing yoga a couple of months after childbirth, without waiting for the baby to grow.
We all know that the mind and body of a woman after the birth of a child needs both a rest, and in the restoration of form and strength.

after birth helps restore balance, even in the most pessimistic persons of the weaker sex. Try to start such classes as early as possible, it is possible to bring the greatest benefit of your own body and your baby, and in a short time to adapt to all the changes. By the way, a little grown-up little by little a child can be connected to their studies and engage in the mysterious process of yoga. It will only benefit him.

Practice in the early days after birth

The first days after childbirth practices based solely on meditation and breathing exercises.
In the beginning it is better to restrict breathing exercises that are aimed at the restoration of the pelvic floor muscles. This effect is achieved due to the complete respiration of yoga, which otherwise called ventral or abdominal breathing type. This technique uses the entire volume of the lungs. During inhalation, a feeling that the air is filled with first stomach, then hypochondria area and only in the last instance the chest. Exhale in reverse order: first emptied the chest, and then the area hypochondria, and finally the stomach. In this type of breathing the diaphragm moves down, whereby the abdomen and swells. This technique massages the internal organs, helps the uterus to take a correct position and tones the muscles of the pelvic floor.

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yoga asanas after childbirth

Once the body is ready to minimal physical exertion, you can begin to master the most sparing
asanas . Yoga offers a wealth of both static and dynamic postures. They all teach the same time and alternately relax and stretch the whole body, due to which we are able to affect the internal organs, muscles, ligaments and joints.

Hormonal restore inverted asanas and some slopes.
Salamba Sarvangasana , halasana , Setu Bandha Sarvangasana , Adho Mukha Shvanasana , Uttanasana help to maintain lactation, reshape the abdominal cavity in doberemennoe state, normalize hormones.

Tone straight and oblique muscles of the abdomen returned twisting (
Marichiasana I , Parivritta Sirshasana Jana , Dzhathara Parivartanasana , Bharadvadzhasana ).

Deflections back (
Shalabhasana , Dhanurasana , Makarasana , Supta Virasana ) help establish digestive processes, whereby all the food digest more tightly in the body receives more minerals and vitamins, improved metabolism, and on the buttocks, hips and other unnecessary areas is delayed less unnecessary Zhirkov.

To get rid of excess fat on the thighs is recommended to
Tadasana , Virabhadrasana I of , Garudasana , Vrikshasana , Utthita Trikonasana . These asanas give thighs and buttocks elastic form.

Do not forget at the end of practice to perform  
Shavasana and meditation.

Contraindications after childbirth

Just like during pregnancy, postpartum exercise should be carried out by a special lightweight program.
Muscles of the uterus, vagina and abdomen during this period still heavily stretched. In order not to impede the restoration of tissue and not to provoke bleeding during class it is recommended to avoid asanas which require much to push the legs (
Prasarita Padottanasana , Utthita Parshvakonasana , Upavishtha Konasana , Baddha Konasana ), and movements that entail strong tension of the abdominal muscles. From the fast pace of the exercises is important to abstain for the same reason.

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yoga after the birth to help quickly recover excellent health and a desired shape, so feel free to move on to him!
REMEMBER: in order to achieve the desired results need constant practice. Therefore, pay yoga for 20-25 minutes, and the result will be noticeable.

Yoga after birth


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