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As a beginner to choose the right yoga studio

As a beginner to choose the right yoga studio 3

Suppose you were going for a long time to do yoga and then, finally, they decided. Before you immediately raises the problem of choosing a yoga studio
, in which you can go to practice yoga. Of course, it is possible that you go to a fitness club, which, as a rule, there is a large variety of group programs for both women and men. Often, in the schedule of group programs fitness club meets the practice of yoga . In this case, you certainly do not have to puzzle over the choice and style of yoga instructor since in fitness clubs often shows one style of yoga and one or two instructors. But if you do decide to get serious about this issue, we suggest you read this article, which offers advice on selecting a yoga studio.

To date, there are many different styles and trends of yoga, which are characterized by their dynamic or static, a variety of exercises, focusing on breathing or asanas. These are: Hatha Yoga , Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga , Iyengar Yoga , etc. But despite the variety of destinations, they all pursue the same goals:.. To improve the general physical condition and achieve inner harmony of mind and body. Of course, the novice is easy to get lost in such a variety of styles and find something that will appeal. This is why in some yoga studios, there are short-term review courses for beginners. They each new session will be for you to dive into a separate style with your own ideas, nuances and other features. These classes are divided into a theoretical part, where the instructor briefly explains the origin of this or that direction in yoga, and practice – where you’ll be able to perform the asanas (postures), breathing exercises, meditation and other techniques, calculated on the initial level. During these sessions do not have to strive hard to do just asanas. This will only lead to injury and frustration. Because the body has not yet strengthened and gets used to load slowly. Light poses for beginners will help not only to stretch their legs, spine and strengthen the abdominal muscles, but also to relax. Yes, because it is to learn to relax in asana, feel comfortable, you will achieve results. Relaxation combined with correct breathing will help improve their health and lead you to a new stage of yoga knowledge.

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Decide on the style, you need to look for a studio in which practice this style of yoga. It is desirable that a yoga studio are located either close to home or close to work, educational institution, etc. Convenient location of the yoga studio will not make you spend a lot of time on the road, especially in big cities at rush hour. When visiting the first class in a yoga studio, you should pay attention to the comfort of rooms and the level of their equipment with necessary materials (woven, propsami). In the halls of the yoga studio to be warm and cozy. The premises must be aired regularly. The general atmosphere of the halls must comply with your chosen style of yoga. For example, for bikram yoga hall recreate tropical conditions 37-42˚S with temperature and humidity 40%. In any yoga studio should always be changing rooms with lockers to dress in comfortable clothes and enter the room fully ready for occupation. To perform the asanas room it should be equipped with high-quality yoga mats. However, for personal hygiene, some students buy their own mat to practice and carry it with you. Well, if in a yoga studio is a library with specialized literature on yoga, and a tea gatherings.

But the most important thing when choosing a yoga studio – this is certainly a qualified instructor. As a rule, beginners are advised to try to be like classes to different trainers to find a congenial person who would be able to explain the benefits available to the words performed asanas, breathing subtleties, muscle relaxation, and most importantly – to care for the health of their customers. If the execution of asanas become obvious to you, but after the occupation does not feel stress and fatigue, then this is the instructor and this style of yoga is right for you. As the sages say – intelligent man does yoga wise and wise – God.

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