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How to get rid of depression

It happens that depression causes some unpleasant event, such as death of a relative.
However, sometimes this disease manifests itself as a reason. In fact, there is always a reason, just that she or hidden, or a lot of reasons. For example, a person may experience depression because of constant stress, fatigue, alcohol consumption, family problems, lack of goals and aspirations, etc. All these things taken together can form favorable for the development of depression, psychological background.

Many may think that depression is caused by some kind of unity, not a recurring event is less hopeless case than the same disease, but provoked recurring circumstances (stress, constant nervous fatigue, personality, etc.).
However, an unfortunate event can only be a “trigger” for the depressed person who due to various factors predisposed to it.

This is similar to how the draft causes the common cold in humans with weak immune systems.
We can not say that only one draft was the cause of cough and sore throat. The air from the open window only provoked the disease, and conditions for its occurrence has already existed due to a weak immune system. Even if one week a cold pass, then after that all people at risk of the same sick, if you fall in the rain or under a draft.

Thus, “a draft” for the emergence of depression may be some misfortune in the life of a particular individual.
Like a long illness, depression can weaken the “immunity” and increase the risk of future disease.

In order not to hurt the common cold, it is necessary to harden, to keep the body in good shape, and not drink any preparations which incapacitate our immune system.
The same can be said about depression. To get rid of it, it is necessary to stabilize the emotional background, strengthen the nervous system and learn a different way of looking at things. This will help not only to cope with the disease, but also to prevent its re-emergence.

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The method of getting rid of depression

Eliminate negative ideas

There are some ideas that will make it very difficult recovery from bouts of soul blues.
For example, the idea of ​​1- I feel depressed because I am such a person, so I have arranged, and nothing I can do about it. Idea 2 – I have depression, because the fault of some circumstances of my life (I live in a poor country, I do not have money to buy their own, everything that I want, I’m surrounded by idiots, I do not have a girlfriend / boyfriend ). Try to get rid of these obsessions. Cease to look for the causes of your unhappiness. Pay better attention to how your body feels, whether it is whether it is sufficiently cool and gets all the necessary vitamins for it to work.

Meditating to gain inner peace

Meditation calms the mind and stabilizes, gives a good mood and relieves stress.
Laboratory studies of meditation have shown that the practice of meditation affects the brain, increases the activity of alpha-electric waves at a frequency which starts the brain. This activity contributes to calm, relaxed state.

Regular practice of meditation can help with depression, although we can not say that it will help everyone.
Even if using them will not completely get rid of this disease, the practice will help you easier to carry these attacks and somehow control them.

Meditation – a great way to bring your mental and emotional state in order, look at the world sober and uncomplicated look, rather than through the gray lenses.
When you remove the illusion of glasses, your values ​​may undergo change. It will no longer be the ideals towards which you base your faith in deliverance from suffering. Now, you can believe that will not be complete without a bank account happy, but if you’re good to get into your desires, we will find a sense of inner peace and a sense of independence, you will realize that the value of life is quite different!

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Strengthen your body

The reason for depression can be not only in the psychological aspects of your personality.
Your mental state is strongly dependent on your physical health. You are unlikely to get rid of sadness, if you frequently drink alcohol, smoking, chronic enough sleep and lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Physical activity, sports exercises not only strengthen your body and improve physical tone, but also improve your mood, relieve fatigue and stress.
Sport is a natural antidepressant. Sport allows you to raise the level of endorphins ( “happy hormone”) in your brain, causing joy and euphoria. Such a way to cheer up has no side effects in the form of depression, sleeplessness and decreased sexual function, like most antidepressants. A side effect of sport as a means of lifting the mood – a healthy body.

If you do not exercise, start to do, at least in the morning exercises and light jogging.
If you run while hard, go for long walks in the fresh air. Notice how short exercises and walking improve your mood and improve overall health. Keep track of this effect, feel and remember it to your brain tied the feeling of pleasure with useful pursuits like sports.

Learn to control emotions, take care of yourself

Negative emotions can also be a source of discouragement.
Anger, envy, anger, hatred, pathological jealousy – all these poisons your identity, making it more prone to discouragement. Learn mastery and released from the negative experiences.

Stop complaining and feeling sorry for yourself

Stop complaining to life!
Stop telling your friends about how you are unhappy – they have enough of their own problems. It’s only poison your mood and sets you on a tone of self-pity. Try to focus on the positive aspects of life. There are people whose lives are much harder than yours.

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If you cry and complain, constantly thinking about how you are unhappy because of the depression, it will only reinforce his illness.
After all, depression – is not only a condition of your body, it is also all of your experiences with it. In itself, the disease is not so scary, scary when you start because of his suffering and cheat him at the top of your anxiety, unhappy thoughts and fears!

Get out more often to nature

Learn to enjoy nature and tranquility, walk in parks and forests, driving to the cottage.
Stay often alone, try to understand yourself, listen to yourself! Fresh air, peace and quiet can work wonders! It is better to have a rest in quiet places, than to sink into the bustling resort of revelry. If you simply try to escape from the depression by unbridled fun, partying and alcohol, it will do no good, but only harm.

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