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Is it really true that you can develop some supernatural powers (mind reading, clairvoyance, telekinesis, etc) by doing yoga?

Is it really true that you can develop some supernatural powers (mind reading, clairvoyance, telekinesis, etc) by doing yoga? 3

Read minds, become light as a feather, enter other people’s bodies, see things distant. Krishna teaches the path by which the full development of the mystical powers of yoga takes place.

The yogi who mastered the senses, stabilized the mind, mastered the breathing process and fixed the mind on Me acquires the mystical perfections of yoga . The masters of the yoga system have declared that there are eighteen classes of mystical perfection and meditation, of which eight are primary and have their refuge in Me, and ten are secondary and appear in the material mode of goodness.

Of the eight primary mystical perfections, there are three by which the body itself adapts itself, namely anima , becoming smaller than the lesser; mahima , become greater than the greatest; and laghima , become lighter than the lightest. Through the perfection of prapti , one obtains anything desired, and through prakamyasiddhi , one experiences any object enjoyable, whether in this world or in the next. By means of ishita-siddhi , one may manipulate the subpences of maya , and, by means of the controlling power called vashita-siddhi , one is free from the impediments of the three modes of nature. Who boughtkamavasayita-siddhi can get anything from anywhere, to the highest possible limit. These eight mystical perfections are considered to exist naturally and are unsurpassed in this world.

The ten secondary mystical perfections, derived from the modes of nature, are: the powers to free oneself from hunger and thirst and other bodily disorders, to hear and see distant things, to move the body with the speed of the mind, to assume any desired form , to enter into the bodies of others, to die at will, to witness to the pastimes between the demigods and the heavenly youths called apsaras , to fully execute their own determination and to give orders whose fulfillment is not prevented.

The power to know the past, the present and the future; tolerance to heat, cold and other dualities; to know the minds of others; hold the influence of fire, sun, water, poison and so on; and remain unencumbered by others – these constitute five perfections of the mystical process of yoga and meditation. Until then, I have only related them here according to their names and characteristics. Now, please learn from Me how specific mystic perfections originate from specific meditations and also what particular processes are involved.

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He who adores Me in My atomic form who penetrates all the subtle elements, fixing the mind only on this, obtains the mystical perfection called anima .

One who absorbs the mind in the specific form of the mahat-tattva and thus meditates on Me as the Supreme Soul of total material existence attains mystical perfection called mahima . By absorbing the mind even more in the situation of each individual element, such as sky, air, fire, and so on, it progressively acquires the greatness of each material element.

I exist within everything and therefore I am the essence of the atomic constituents of the material elements. By fixing the mind on Me in this form, the yogi can attain perfection called laghima , through which he understands the subtle atomic substance of time.

By fixing the mind completely on Me within the element of false ego generated in the mode of goodness, the yogi obtains the mystical power of acquisition through which he becomes the owner of the senses of all living entities. He obtains such perfection because his mind is absorbed in Me.

Whoever concentrates all mental activities in Me as the Supersoul of that phase of the mahat-tattvawhich manifests the chain of fruitive activities derives from Me, whose appearance is beyond material perception, the most excellent mystical perfection called prakamya .

Whoever concentrates consciousness in Vishnu, the Supersoul, the motor agent and Supreme Lord of external energy consisting of the three modes, obtains the mystical perfection of controlling other conditioned souls, their material bodies, and bodily assignments.

The yogi who deposits his mind in My form of Narayana, known as the fourth factor, full of all opulences, is contemplated with My nature and thus obtains the mystical perfection called vasita .

He who fixes the pure mind in Me under My manifestation as the impersonal Brahman obtains the greatest happiness with which all his desires are fully satisfied.

A human being who concentrates on Me as the protector of religious principles, the personification of purity, and the Lord of Svetadvipa obtains the pure existence through which he is freed from the six waves of material disturbance, namely hunger, thirst, death, death , affliction and illusion.

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That purified living entity that fixes the mind on the extraordinary sonic vibrations that occur within Me as the personified sky and the total vital air is then able to perceive within the sky the speech of all living entities.

By immersing the vision in the Sun and then the Sun in the very eyes, one must meditate on Me, who exists within the combination of the Sun and the vision. In this way, one acquires the power to see anything distant.

The yogi who completely absorbs the mind in Me and then makes use of the wind that follows the mind to absorb in Me the material body obtains through the power of the meditation in Me the mystical perfection by which its body immediately follows its mind where it wants that she will.

When the yogi , adjusting his mind in a certain way, wishes to assume a particular form, the same form appears immediately. This perfection is possible through the absorption of the mind in the refuge of My inconceivable mystical power, through which I assume innumerable forms.

Is it really true that you can develop some supernatural powers (mind reading, clairvoyance, telekinesis, etc) by doing yoga? 4


In wishing to enter the body of another, the perfect yogi must meditate on himself within the other body, and then, abandoning his own coarse body, must enter the other body through the airways as easily as a bee leaves a flower and flies to another.

The yogi who attained mystical perfection called svacchandamrityu blocks the anus with the heel and then raises the soul from the heart to the chest, then to the neck, and finally to the head. Situated within the brahma-randhra , the yogi abandons the material body and leads the spiritual soul to the chosen destination.

The yogi who wishes to enjoy in the pleasant gardens of the demigods must meditate on the purified mode of goodness, which is situated within Me, and then the heavenly women, generated in the way of goodness, will approach him in airplanes.

The yogi who has faith in Me, absorbing the mind in Me and knowing that My purpose is always fulfilled, will at any time achieve its purpose through the very means he has determined to follow. Whoever meditates perfectly in Me acquires My nature to be the supreme ruler and controller. His order, like Mine, can never be frustrated in any way.

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The yogi who purified his existence through devotion to Me and thus knows the process of meditation knowingly about the past, present and future. He can, therefore, see the birth and death of himself and others.

Just as the bodies of aquatic beings can not be injured by water, the body of the yogi whose consciousness is pacified by devotion to Me and fully developed in the science of yoga can not be hurt by fire, sun, water, poison and so on. against.

My devotee becomes invincible by meditating on My opulent incarnations, which are decorated with Srivatsa and various weapons and are endowed with imperial paraphernalia such as banners, ornamental umbrellas, and fans.

The learned devotee who adores Me through yoga meditation certainly obtains in all respects the mystical perfections I have described. For the sage who has mastered the senses, the breath and the mind, who is self-controlled and lives absorbed in meditating upon Me, what mystical perfection would be difficult to attain?

Wise experts in devotional service declare that the mystical perfections of yoga that I have mentioned in truth are but obstacles and are a waste of time for one who is practicing the supreme yoga , through which all perfection of life is attained directly from Me. Any mystical perfections that can be gained through good birth, herbs, austerities, and mantras can be attained through devotional service to Me; in fact, one can not achieve the true perfection of yoga in any other way.

I am the cause, the protector and the Lord of all the mystical perfections, the yoga system , the analytical knowledge, the pure activity and the community of the Vedic master scholars. Just as the same material elements exist inside and outside all material bodies, nothing can cover Me. I exist within everything as the Super soul and out of everything in My omnipresent aspect.


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