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How do I make my face naturally glow?

How do I make my face naturally glow? 3


Finally the arrival of spring! It’s so good to take off your hat, feel the warmer sun on your face and feel a boost of energy and energy. Spring is synonymous with renewal, with life resuming in strength! Like the sap in maple trees, we often feel a circulatory renewal in the spring following the long winter period.

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How do I make my face naturally glow? 4


This is why I present to you this month, a series of 6 postures to shine your skin inside & out  to prepare you to welcome this new vitality spring.

Highlight: Did you know that yoga offers multiple benefits that go beyond postures to stretch muscle fiber? It activates the blood circulation at its maximum to overflow the organs of blood, lighten the feeling of circulatory stagnation while improving the state of our skin, our hair and our nails?

So, yoga is somehow a beautiful beauty recipe that helps us to revitalize ourselves, from inside!

Natural glow guaranteed!

Even though we know that all yoga postures are excellent for the activation of the circulation and therefore, for the shine of the skin, some postures act more on the face and the neck. Here is a series of 6 postures that I love to practice to give me a luminous look.

Psssst: to note that as I am pregnant, it is my colleague Mylène who presents you each postures in the photos here below. ????


Uttanasana / The forward flexion

  1. Starting standing with your feet hip-width apart, take a moment to let the arms fall to each side of the body and look straight ahead.
  2. Here, we appreciate the simplicity in the posture, we breathe deeply and we just anchor our feet in the carpet.
  3. Taking a deep breath, raise your hands to the sky and exhale, dive forward keeping the vast majority of your weight toward the front of the feet.
  4. Breathe here for 5 to 7 deep breaths and try to imagine that each exhalation allows you to relax the stress of the brain and heart.
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In this position, the influx of blood to the head feeds the skin and blood vessels of the face. In addition, deep breathing nourishes this process even more. Pink cheeks on the ascent! 

the chair

Utkatasana / The chair

  1. Standing out from the forward flexion, bend your knees straight and find yourself in a sitting posture, as if your buttocks were sitting on a chair.
  2. Here, in the posture of Utkatasana it activates its internal fire to the maximum. All postures that activate the circulation, the heart rate and that amplify the breathing, come to give us a nice boost of energy.

This position allows indoor warming, which is excellent for organs and therefore for the skin! By activating this heat and circulation with 5-7 breaths in the chair posture, you are feeding your vital organs in a nice way.

the boat

Navasana / The boat

  1. Afterwards, always in the position of the chair, do not get up completely (unless you want to give a little pause to your legs!) And instead of straightening up, just seat the buttocks on the floor.
  2. This transition requires a maneuver a little more intermediate, so listen to your body so you do not get on the carpet too quickly!
  3. Once your buttocks are down, lift your legs 90 degrees into the boat’s posture and extend your arms on either side of your legs with your palms up to give you a little extra lift .

Like the posture of the chair, the posture of the boat also known as Navasana , gives you a hyper circulatory effect and asks you to breathe more deeply, which feeds all your cells and gives you a healthier complexion in a few large only breaths. This posture also provides a great benefit for strengthening the abdominal and lower back. However, be careful not to misalign, because the neck and lower back can potentially stretch.

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Matsyasana / The fish

From the position of the boat, lay your body on the ground and take 5 deep deep breaths before moving to the fish posture, also known as Mastyasana in yoga . This posture is a little more complex, but works well step by step.

  1. Place your hands under your glutes, palms toward the carpet.
  2. Engage the abdominals and point the feet forward, legs well connected to each other
  3. Using your abs, raise your torso, but stay leaning on the triceps. Let the heart open to the sky.
  4. From here, very gently tilt your head back and come to rest the crown of it on the ground. (Note that if you have neck problems, you can practice posture without adding movement with your head).
  5. Take 4 to 5 deep breaths while exhaling through the mouth to relieve jaw stress. Release the tension in the face, which will allow you to gently relax muscle tension and give you a more relaxed face.


Salamba Sarvangasana / The posture on the shoulders

  1. Standing out of the posture, engage your abs to protect the neck.
  2. Lie down all your way and breathe naturally for a few minutes.
  3. Take the posture on the shoulders to give your skin a final lash on the circulatory side.
  4. Take the posture on the shoulders, as you do during your regular practice, either through the small bridge or directly by supporting the lower back and leaving the legs to stretch to the sky.
  5. Even if the lungs contract a little in this posture, keep a deep breath and activate the feet as if you were walking on the ceiling.
  6. By activating the feet, it activates the circulation of the tips of the toes which goes down to the heart and the head, while feeding the organs in passing.
  7. Always look up and do not move your head from side to side.
  8. Take 5 to 6 deep breaths here before gently getting out of the posture.
  9. Support your lower back with your hands as you come out of the pose and engage your abs to help control the pose exit.
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the dead

Sivasana / The dead + Pranayama / Breath

  1. Ahhhhhh! Afterwards, we will give ourselves the time to let all this work interfere in our body via the posture of the dead or Savasana . To do this, lie down completely, arms at your sides and palms up.
  2. Stay here for at least 5 minutes, weather permitting. Take the first minute to simply give yourself a healthy break and complete relaxation, inspiring a long time by the nose. Hold your breath for a few seconds (be careful not to stun) and exhale deeply through your mouth.
  3. Repeat 4 to 5 times before completely returning to nasal breathing.

Finally, enjoy a nice glass of water and take a refreshing shower! Good relaxation and especially good spring with your beautiful illuminated skin!

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