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girl-2096998_1920There is no worse criticism which one makes himself because if others criticize you can not pay attention or do not give importance, but if you yourself do necessarily mean that you think those negative thoughts about yourself and what you think ends coming true sooner or later. Once it becomes reality, back to thinking negatively about you and so a vicious circle is formed.

The longer you take criticizing, more damage will have caused your being and your self-esteem will be fragile. When this happens not only start to be the target of criticism to others, but as many walls between you and the range of your purposes and goals are built.

No positive reviews, criticism continues to be critical and unconscious decision as such. Whenever you question something about why you are the way and not in a certain way, you focus on what you need rather than what you have and thus put on the back burner your abilities and potential. What is positive is the reflection and awareness as long as they first do everything with an attitude of self – respect, acceptance and love.

If you are someone who keeps judging every time, if you worry too much about your mistakes, by what people say, for what little you like about your being and you push yourself too much, check your personal history and try to identify where probably comes the poor quality of love that has given you and that so severe attitude about yourself so you can choose to break with the pattern of behavior that may’re repeating without realizing it. you have usually given the treatment they have taught you in some way, either because such were too demanding with you, I was taught to be a perfectionist and nothing was enough to please your parents and educators or because you gave an exaggerated overprotection (whether with the best intentions) where the implicit message was: “you just can not”, “something bad can happen to you”, “you are weak”, “you are incapable”, “always need help”, etc. Thus, both shortcomings and excesses obstruct full self-realization of being.

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Once you understand where you may encounter this behavior prepare to take care of yourself and the results you get in life self Рcriticism, because everyone is fully responsible for what happens to you, therefore you have the power and the ability to exchange experiences to make you happy about that and certainly do not conducirías self Рcriticism that direction. You decide whether you see the glass half full or half empty in the various situations that happen to you, but to project this view to the outside first need to do to your inner and strengthen that relationship with yourself based on trust and positivism brindes you. Just so you can reflect on your environment putting it into practice in everyday situations. Thus, your interactions will be increasingly rewarding and fulfilling in your life. To express as a safe being, with enough self Рlove and at peace with himself unconditionally will generate a wonderful synergy that can only sprout the best fruits.

So free yourself from such negative behavior patterns as it is self-criticism. If others have done it, you also accounts with the potential to achieve this. Here’s a couple of cases that serve as examples:

The famous singer Mariah Carey came to suffer from inferiority complex. He criticized herself for being very young biracial and confessed that she felt very strange to grow up being “half white and half black.” This situation intensified over her when her 19-year-old somebody told him he had a “terrible” physical appearance. I felt that for this reason did not fit in anywhere and struggled for a long time to overcome this complex. Then to overcome it, he had to first realize that he needed to strengthen confidence and then start working on it.

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Also, Gwyneth Paltrow, actress in “Shakespeare in Love”, after the birth of her second child not only kept locked in the house, had a deteriorated physical appearance and had many emotional ups and downs, but also presented very pessimistic ideas and he criticized considered herself a “bad” person, a “terrible” mother and even a “traitor”. But all this overcame realizing what I was feeling and devoting more time to it. He decided to take time off, set priorities, think about your needs and gradually his depression and self-critical attitude were left behind.

Begins now to dispel criticism of you. First of all, it assumes with determination give you the chance to recognize and see otherwise each own appearance that so far have judged you. Remember that everything depends on the lens through which you look, so changes phrases like:

“I’m not attractive, nobody notices me” for “What I like about me is … I want the way I am” or the phrase: “I am a fool, a clumsy, I have nothing flashy to say” by the phrase : “I have my own style to express myself , I want as I am” or the phrase: “Nobody cares about me, I’m unpopular in my environment” for “I found that people who love me unconditionally are … and I too as I am. ” So finish the sentence with: “I love myself as I am” repeatedly as if it were a mantra it will increasingly recording in your mind until echo in your lifestyle.

Another suggestion is that regules your internal dialogue. This means that from now on every time you surprised you talking to a non-organic language, ie, criticizing in the least, going to pause, breathe deeply and let subtly leave such negative thinking trying not to make too much effort, because what most resistant persists, but consistently and concentrating on reiterative let it go or just put it in a less important place.

Thus, what we now have more value to you will be so if you pleases your physical being and your personality from the least to the greatest and significant.

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Also, it is important to recognize that nobody is humanly perfect, so you are entitled to go wrong, which should lead you to assume an attitude of greater flexibility and fluidity with what will happening to be listed yourself as “good” or not so good, but always liable to be changed, to be created and re-created as part of a vital learning.

Finally, note that it is not only not self-criticism, but treated with affection, to go beyond the problem. After you do the task of minimally control or minimize the ideas or negative words you have to you it’ll be able to go using naturally responses full of love, understanding and optimism with yourself that you encourage to walk with step venturoso firm amid the challenges life presents you.

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