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The side effects of “sweet life”, or the reasons for abandoning the sweet

Chocolate, candy, cookies, cakes, sugar buns, donuts, cakes, etc.
How many sweet temptations! Sometimes it is simply impossible to resist the temptation to eat something delicious. However, all you need to know when to stop – because in addition to damaged teeth and a sweet tooth shapes expect are plenty of health problems.

Of course, to do difficult without sweet treats, as
it contains carbohydrates that are vital for the body to function properly. Our cells are completely dependent on the regular intake of carbohydrates because they provide energy recovery. In addition, sugar promotes the production of serotonin – “happiness hormone”. But if sweet tooth turns into an addiction can cause serious health problems. In recent years, scientists have been able to find out quite a lot about the dangers of sugary foods.

Side effects of consuming large amounts of sweet


A recent study by experts from Harvard University found that eating large quantities of sweets affect the production of testosterone and estrogen.

Sugar increase the amount of lipids by the liver, and they, in turn, reduce the level of special protein – SHBG.
It SHBG is responsible for the balance between the content in the blood testosterone and estrogen, whose lack may subsequently lead to infertility.


Ladies who can not indulge in a piece of cake or chocolate, more likely to suffer milkmaid (urogenital candidiasis).
It is known that cause thrush are fungi of the genus Candida. They live in almost every person, but the disease occurs only when they become too much. This occurs most often in patients receiving antibiotics, but to provoke increased activity of fungi and can foods rich in carbohydrates – that is sweet.

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bowel cancer

US scientists also warn that a number of unfortunate consequences sweet tooth belongs, and cancer.
Drinking large quantities of sweet pastry makes the pancreas to produce insulin intensely. This can cause the formation of malignant tumors in the intestine. Such a conclusion was made by physicians based on the observation of several thousand women.

Sweets are harmful to the brain

Of particular concern among experts possible deleterious effects of sweets on the human brain.
Spanish experts say: sugar adversely affects the brain. Scientists have studied in mice a rare hereditary disease – syndrome Laforêt. In this disease, glycogen begins to be deposited in brain cells. As a result, develop seizures, movement disorders and dementia. So that brain cells do not “put off” glycogen, the body produces 2 types of special protein. For each of these proteins meets a certain gene. In case of damage of one of the genes and develops Laforêt syndrome.

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