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So much has been heard of this phrase: “Love your neighbor as yourself”, which has become popular to the point that virtually any religion or ideology is opposed to this, however, it is conceived as something even obvious in the moral when seeking peace or harmony it is. Even people where is the ego predominates, you may well find that deeper level of his being to know that this idea is in accordance with its “pure” to be in resonance with their spiritual nature state.

The Bible is extensively developing this idea or belief as one of the fundamental premises for a dignified life in accordance with God’s commands that allow, according to religious, seek the pleasure of God. However, it is very common to have given a distorted meaning, because many people somehow has interpreted is that it is more important interest in the good of others than oneself, forgive the other (even put the other cheek to him again hit literally or figuratively) rather than giving importance to self-forgiveness, think about the common good rather than personal good and so on, leaving the feeling that the outside is more important that the internal, that others should have priority before self and so are supposed to be a “good” person trying to make happy almost everyone, so it means making the attempt to forget your own desires and your own needs.Then there are the questions arise: Where is the self? Perhaps, what about the others themselves are divine creation and you do ?, others have a right to be wrong any number of times and you do ?, what results could be expected from life when of course, under these mindsets can not be build an authentic self-esteem?

Humility is not synonymous with humiliation and self-esteem does not mean pride or arrogance. We must learn to make fair distinctions because otherwise we are following behavior patterns that do not really benefit us and all because of a misunderstanding of what is healthy and mature or love because they simply do not have the willingness to allow us the opportunity to see from another perspective the amount of ideas that we have instilled since childhood and continue taking undigested without review and without putting them in context.

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The balance between giving and receiving love must be present not only in this area but in other for real and lasting harmony is revealed. Only gives first love that has for himself because he knows, he has lived and thus already have a reference in the way of how to deliver it to another. Consider, for example, someone who continually self-criticism, feeling bad about their physical appearance or who has trouble accepting the weak aspects of his personality. Imagine that person makes the effort to follow the premise: “Love your neighbor as yourself,” but as what it gives itself are critical, this would mean that the other person which could also provide are critical to come to be camouflaged (pretending not to show) or not, that’s another thing, but the truth is that in his displeasure will frequently feel for what the other does or does not do and that hardly meets your expectations. So of course he fulfills the premise! doing to others what it does to your self, but only instead of the positive result ends up being negative because the attitude he has towards his own being is negative and this is the basis of everything else. And a nut we can not expect to leave us something juicy, a person devoid of affection we can not expect them to give in abundance to others.

This aspect of loving yourself as essential in the development of the human being is in some way in every text that promotes wisdom and awareness, including scriptures. What changes is the way it is expressed in each case, of course, the way people interpret it and how is implemented in one ‘s life. In any case, it is not healthy to give more importance to love our neighbor to the detriment of love itself, because there we would faltándonos our person, one that accompanies us all the time until the last breath of our life here on earth, then why why relegate to the background? People at the end of the day come and go more close friends may stay with us, but there is never certain that this is indefinitely, however, each of us obviously “we will always be with us” . Also, if we are always thinking of others and helping them, seeking to please, the day we need help if for some reason we did not give it , we will feel like a ship adrift by not having even a self – esteem well grounded enough .

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We can find many examples of people who are interested in the welfare of others and at the same time have enough love and self-confidence. Some celebrities, including: Matt Damon, actor who has participated in many films, which has won awards and nominations co-founded an organization that helps generate clean water to developing countries and was in favor of campaigns against poverty and AIDS. On the other hand, Daniel Radcliffe, British actor who starred in the movie “Harry Potter” has also proven their altruism with others through charitable aid, among which are the support given to the Lupus Foundation of America and Book Aid International. It has also helped young people to prevent suicide, among other noble causes. Thus, we find bright people, popular and high self-esteem who have contributed to the welfare of others, without necessarily having to be religious or follow the doctrines of any institution. Definitely the generous heart towards others or to oneself does not depend on race, creed or socioeconomic level if it is understood that all of the kinds of thoughts that are grown and also there are many ways to help, including the fact desiring others well or be present when need to be heard.

For the love flow into our environment, worthy of new and better opportunities let us feel, as well as other beings on the planet. Let heart that needs it, but let us not with the problems of others as if our were to the point of neglecting those ourselves up to us to solve or worse, come to us to feel guilty about what the other happens and on -exagerar interest in disguising the other “humanitarian aid” to be accepted by society, for our family and the group to which we belong. As mentioned much earlier, the key is to keep your balance at all.

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Everyone has to take care of his luggage suitcase with which it is in the world, is no more than an occasional helping hand.

Keep in mind that we are loved unconditionally by God (or whatever you want to call your higher self), so you do not have an obligation to help others to demonstrate your devotion, but just what you sow that is what you reap and if at first you sow it is not the most optimal you have the opportunity to try again, to learn and progress. Love yourself first of all and accept yourself with love, and then love and acceptance of others you go making for good measure, then you see the certainty of the phrase: “Love your neighbor as yourself” which could translate into “I love, therefore I love you” or “I respect, therefore, I respect you” and “you and I are important in the world and each came with a special purpose.”

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