Mind Control: The power of self-esteem

Mental Control: The power of self-esteem 3

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Article written by Julio Rico member of the Writers Program Silva Method

One of the most important things we must work to improve our lives, our relationships, our environment is self-esteem. Very easily we can consider that self-esteem is the set of opinions, ideas and beliefs we hold about ourselves.

These ideas or beliefs about ourselves largely determine the results we have in life, it also determines the level of happiness and satisfaction we enjoy, many years Mr. Henry Ford said this earlier:

“Whether you think you can, like you think you can not, you’re right”

A very important thing to consider is that self-esteem is a process mentally, something that happens in thinking, ie the ideas, beliefs, opinions, for example, you could have the opinion.

“EVERYTHING I DO ME GO WRONG” … Cancela that idea

Unfortunately there are people who have that idea, perhaps by sad experience of the past, perhaps during his childhood lived school failure, did not pass an exam and that somehow this idea originated them.

Low self-esteem is like a prison

Indeed, when you have a bad opinion of yourself (a), you deprive of many good things, when someone has poor self – esteem, accepts jobs where they pay little, accept destructive relationships or conversely suffer from loneliness because they relate to others, afraid to express their true feelings, ideas , opinions, low self – esteem CREA PEOPLE uNHAPPY, low self – esteem keeps you from enjoying life.

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