Learning to Meditate and heal the spirit

Learning to Meditate and heal the spirit 3

Article written by Adriana Delsignore member of the Writers Program Silva Method Life
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Meditation is an experience that will heal the spirit.

The first time gave me tachycardia because I had a hard time breathing while doing the counting. 3 to 1 10 to 1 could not coordinate with each breath numbers and exhalation. But the result is so rewarding that persisted ever to achieve focus on what really mattered: how full you feel after you meditate. It is an activity that quickly becomes habit since the welfare produces its realization makes it become a daily necessity.
In my experience, the best way to learn to meditate is with a guide who is telling us step by step. Is so pleasant feel what is expected with great enthusiasm the time of day we dedicate to meditate. It is a journey to happiness. You can achieve all your goals, even those you thought impossible.
With daily practice you manage to get to solve situations you had not imagined.

Meditation is the most important daily activity.

Generates confidence in yourself, joy, relaxation, strength of spirit, mental and physical health and fundamentally trust and faith in everything you propose.
Every year I’ve learned over the Silva Method has been valuable and has given me clarity, certainty and knowledge . It has improved my quality of life and undoubtedly has helped and helps improve as a person. I have learned to forgive and to forgive others. It has taught me to be thankful for everything I have lived and what life has given me.

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Meditation inspires me to help others , show me the power of our mind is infinite and there is room for everyone. We stop being selfish and gives happiness to share the benefits with our peers. You become a kind of preacher who wishes to convey to the world the way to happiness.
Meditate illusion and brings you back safely is the most important activity of the day.