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What are the best ways to improve strength, stamina, and fitness?

What are the best ways to improve strength, stamina, and fitness? 9

Among the numerous  benefits of yoga , one of the most important and easiest to be proven is the increased flexibility . By means of simple postures, it is possible to lengthen all muscle groups safely, avoiding pains and lesions in the ligaments, tendons and joints.

Unlike aerobic and strength training, yoga to increase flexibility works the stretching in a slower and subtle way, but the results are incontestable. Constant yoga practice not only increases muscle strength and promotes body balance, but also makes the  body more flexible  and pliable.

Although it is often overlooked on a day-to-day basis, flexibility is of fundamental importance in the execution of our daily tasks. A  firm  and flexible body :

  • can perform movements with greater amplitude;
  • presents an adequate posture;
  • has a lower risk of various diseases, including cardiopathies;
  • has a more efficient respiratory function;
  • has a younger appearance and greater vitality.

Want to try yoga to increase the flexibility of your body and prove all the benefits that this practice can offer? Check out some   perfect postures even for beginners:

1. Bitilasana

What are the best ways to improve strength, stamina, and fitness? 10


Known as the cow’s posture, this  asana  stretches the neck and back, relieving tensions and reducing sciatica. It is practiced in four supports, with the knees aligned to the hips and the wrists in the same line of the shoulders. During the inspiration, one should arch the back, lengthening the column from the neck to the coccyx.

2. Kapotasana

What are the best ways to improve strength, stamina, and fitness? 11

Pigeon Posture is one of the most well-known in yoga to increase flexibility, stretching various muscle groups such as back, chest and groin. This asana has several variations.

One of them is practiced in the following way: in the sitting position, one of the legs must be flexed and the other one stretched back. With each inspiration, the back and shoulder area should be lengthened, while strengthening the muscles of the legs and stretching of the groin.

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3. Halasana

What are the best ways to improve strength, stamina, and fitness? 12

Also called Plow Pose, it consists of lying with the arms aligned to the side of the body, and raise the legs until the back moves away of the ground. In case of difficulty in maintaining the posture, it is possible to support the back with the hands, seeking to elevate the feet above the head.

This asana reduces tension in the neck and lower back, lengthening the muscles deeply and improving flexibility.

4. Uttasana

What are the best ways to improve strength, stamina, and fitness? 13

One of the most classic yoga exercises to increase flexibility, which is also used before practicing  physical activities , is known as Hands to Feet. By means of this posture it is possible to stretch and strengthen at the same time the muscles of the legs and the spine.

Just stand with your legs straight, raising your arms above your head during inspiration. You should then bend your body forward without flexing your legs until your toes touch your feet.

The effects of  yoga on flexibility and body awareness can be observed after a few weeks of practice. Initially, 30 seconds in each position are enough to lengthen the body, always respecting the individual limits.

The slow and steady evolution makes yoga practice to increase flexibility a safe and efficient option.

In addition, practice can be considered  a form of meditation  bringing benefits to body and mind at the same time. How about  starting yoga today?

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