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What happens when your Kundalini is awakened?

What happens when your Kundalini is awakened? 1

symptoms of spiritual awakening

1) The feeling that something has changed in you

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You can not explain it but you feel different. You even feel like you’ve become a new person, a new person who has nothing to do with the one you were before. You may have even been several people, and it continues. And each time you have the impression of getting closer to your truth. This feeling is filled with happiness because you are getting closer and closer to who you really want to be (or rather who you really are), but at the same time it terrorizes you because you are off the beaten track, you get out of the known, you escaped your comfort zone and life was sometimes much easier when you were on the other side. Now you have come out of the “illusion”, you have dropped the “mask”, you have the impression of having removed your blinkers and to see so much more clearly. And you wonder how it’s even possible that you could “do that” or “live like this” for so many years. The world no longer has the same color or flavor, because you simply look at it with new eyes.

2) Awareness of your old destructive behaviors

You become aware of everything that was wrong in your “previous” life, your old self. You realize all those things that you have done and do not want to do, and all those ways of thinking that you do not want to keep anymore. You are ready for change and never want to go back, so you are happy to have discovered all that you have discovered. You feel a deep sense of happiness in bringing yourself closer to your truth, and in the joy of feeling this new momentum in your life and new hope.

3) To no longer feel in adequacy with one’s former surroundings and to feel the strong need to be alone or with new people more in alignment with who one has become

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Evolving spiritually can be a painful process because everyone does not evolve in the same way and at the same time. Often, we evolve ourselves following certain events or certain meetings that cause us clicks, but this is not the case of our entourage who remains the same. We gradually start to feel “abnormal” to feel and think all these things suddenly, and even sometimes guilty of not finding some interesting people. We would like to continue to attend them but “the gap” that we feel has become too big. This gap is actually a reflection of the energy gap between them and you. Your two vibrations are no longer at the same level, so your vibration is higher, you feel a sense of discomfort in their presence, and the strong need to recharge your batteries after seeing them (you feel “emptied”). You prefer more and more solitude to the presence of people who have a negative energy. You aspire to make new encounters more in adequacy with the new person you have become and your new energy. Of course you connect with these new people, who often give you a much greater sense of well-being from your first meeting (even virtual) than some friends you’ve had for 10 years.

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You have the feeling of finally being understood and appreciated at your true value. You even feel like you’ve always known these new people, sometimes more than your own family. This is because it is a soul-to-soul connection, and the same vibratory level. And there is nothing more enriching and satisfying than two souls who meet and are on the same wavelength. The connection of the heart and the soul has no physical barriers and barriers of the ego. These are meetings that can be called “spiritual” (often even planned well before the bodies meet). This is the case of encounters that provoke in you a profound upheaval towards the positive, a feeling of interior upheaval and deep joy of communion with another living being. These are meetings that can be called “spiritual” (often even planned well before the bodies meet). This is the case of encounters that provoke in you a profound upheaval towards the positive, a feeling of interior upheaval and deep joy of communion with another living being. These are meetings that can be called “spiritual” (often even planned well before the bodies meet). This is the case of encounters that provoke in you a profound upheaval towards the positive, a feeling of interior upheaval and deep joy of communion with another living being.

4) No longer support superficiality and all that is not authentic

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Many places or people you used to go to before do not interest you anymore, or even depress you. You make a total rejection of all that is superficial and that is not true, which is not authentic: people, activities, places, TV shows (if you keep even looking at it). You are looking for authenticity, simplicity, and true things that make your heart vibrate. You think that you become associable or “too difficult”, that we can not integrate you, but “it is not a sign of good mental health to be perfectly integrated into a sick society”, does not it never forget. Always follow your own truth, and always follow your heart. Because if our mind and our ego can play us many tricks and make us sink, our heart never deceives us.

5) Feelings of sadness (or depression) very deep in the face of the suffering of the world

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A spiritual awakening / awareness can often be accompanied by feelings of sadness or even depression, because as I speak in this previous article ” How to be happy when one is aware of the suffering in the world”Once we know things, we can not go back, and we suddenly feel responsible. It’s a normal moment to pass. You must not feel guilty or feel abnormal. We must let our emotions surface without judgment, feel them deeply, and understand that it is a normal symptom of the awakening of consciousness. We “see” and “understand” things all of a sudden, and that can often be a shock. For example, when I discovered the horror of animal treatment in the food industry and slaughterhouses and then investigated for several weeks and now months, I had a depression of a few weeks where I did not want no more going out or doing anything, just crying all the tears of my body. I let some time pass and then I resumed myself and as I explain in this article , and then I decided to act. Today, I do not regret knowing what I know, it makes me a more responsible and stronger person.

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6) Feel the need to do good around oneself and for the world

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Taking care of your own well-being is not enough for you anymore. You also want to do good around you and bring positive change to the world. You do not understand those who do nothing for others and who are selfish. You do not understand how it is possible to hurt someone or an animal. You feel more and more empathy towards others and animals. Your life now only makes sense if you do something for others. Even if you have impacted the lives of one person or one animal, it makes you feel very happy and makes you feel that you have not come to earth for nothing. You can no longer imagine yourself dying without doing anything for this world. This thought alone would make you sick. You feel like “called” to achieve something bigger than you. You do not have a choice, you have to do it and it’s actually the most important thing in the world. You can not go back and you do not want to, even if sometimes you find it hard to be “awake”. Basically, for nothing in the world you would not want to become “sleepy” again.


7) Search for meaning in your life

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You can not do the things without meaning that you did before. Your old places of exits or former dating do not make you the same effect. You need meaning in your life now, otherwise you are bored or worse, it reaches you psychologically (makes you depress). As explained in the previous points, you simply can not find any more interest in doing anything that is not genuine and does not correspond to your new values. You need to have a purpose in your life, a goal when you get up. You also need to do some work that makes sense. You can not stand doing a job that brings nothing to the world and in which you do not feel really useful.


8) Hypersensitivity

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In addition to your 5 physical senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell) that seem to become exacerbated (you become more sensitive in general about everything), your spiritual senses (intuition, emotions, imagination) awareness and inspiration) are also developing at great speed. Your intuitions guide you more and more and you know more and more how to listen to them. You understand more and more the meaning of your emotions which are the “compass” that our soul uses to indicate the direction to take (negative emotion: wrong direction or wrong way of thinking, positive emotion: good direction or good way of thinking ). To learn more about hypersensitivity.

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9) Increased creativity and inspiration, need to realize your dreams

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You are assailed with ideas all the time. A fire is burning in your stomach at the thought of doing things and you are burning with the idea of ​​creating, imagining, and you like to inspire people you admire. In your head, it’s like a computer with 30 tabs open at the same time. Life makes sense when you create, so you feel alive. You feel in you a call to realize your dreams, your mission on earth. It’s simply because your soul can finally express through your physical body what it has come to express.

 10) Quest to know who you really are and to finally be yourself

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You do not want to be defined by society or what others want you to be. You are fed up with the mask you have been wearing for too long to match what others expect of you. You finally want to know who you really are. You ask yourself questions about yourself and your mission on earth, about the purpose of life, about the world, about the universe and why not even other planets and other civilizations. You do not want to see through the filter of the illusion of society but through the filter of the soul and the heart. You want to be who you really are and finally become free, happy, light, reign in the dream and the innocence of the heart, and above all, never again to live for others and thus to make your soul suffer again. You want more than ever answers to your questions.

11) Increased intuits and desire to reconnect with oneself

As seen in the previous point, your desire to reconnect with who you really are is getting stronger and stronger. You understand that only you can know your answers. Even though you can be helped and inspired by others, only your higher self, your higher consciousness, who you really are, can give you the answers you expect. You need to spend more time with yourself, and strongly want to make more confidence in your intuitions.


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12) Increased “coincidences” and synchronicities in your life


The more we rise spiritually, the more our energy increases, and the more we realize that everything is orchestrated with incredible perfection. You fall “by chance” on the book or the right person, you happen to be in the right place at the right time, you want something and this thing happens. What is going on ? Your energy, your vibratory rate, has increased; the more you are in a positive energy (high vibration) the more you attract positive events (which correspond to what you desire deep in your heart). Also, the more you are connected to your higher consciousness and will be turned to something bigger than you, the more you will also receive messages from your spiritual guides, through repeated numbers.

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