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What are your tips for getting into a meditation routine?

What are your tips for getting into a meditation routine? 7


For thousands of years people of different cultures and religions have practiced meditation to feel greater inner peace and mental clarity . You can meditate at any place and time of the day, you just have to follow a series of meditation guidelines that will help you create the ideal conditions to do this practice correctly. Here we give you 6 basic tips to work meditation more effectively and you can give depth and perseverance.

1- Choose the best time of day

The meditation should be a time of relaxation , no need to employ a lot of time, you can start with 5 or 10 minutes, even less, to realize this relaxation exercise that will bring you many benefits. You will go, gradually, increasing the time. To practice meditation you have to choose a moment in which you will not be interrupted and you can perform this practice with tranquility.

What are your tips for getting into a meditation routine? 8


2- Find an appropriate place to meditate

If you have already found a convenient time, it is also important to find a good space to meditate. You just need a quiet place, without noise and invite calm.

Tips for meditating correctly

3- Adopt a comfortable posture

It is not necessary to adopt specific postures to meditate or to start doing yoga , you just have to adopt a correct posture on a comfortable seat, with your back straight and begin to practice meditation. There is a classic posture to meditate in a simple way called ‘7 points of Vairochana’ which as its name suggests, consists of 7 points to follow.

    • The back has to be straight , without any tension.
    • The hands should be relaxed . You can support them on your legs, right on left, or just below your navel.
    • The legs must be crossed in vajra position or the Bodhisattva posture . But if you find it difficult, you can sit on a chair with your feet firmly planted on the floor. The purpose is to get a good foundation for the body .
    • The elbows have to be slightly outward and the shoulders separated , fallen backwards. The traditional image is the ‘shoulders of the vulture’.
  • The head will be tilted forward with the chin slightly pushed inwards.
  • The eyes are not very open or very closed and we have to look down towards the nose.
  • The teeth and lips should remain naturally, without tension. You should breathe through your mouth and your tongue will rest on the soft palate.
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What are your tips for getting into a meditation routine? 9

4- Meditate on an empty stomach

We have always been told that it is not good to practice sport after eating and the reason is because the body is digesting and concentrating its attention on the digestive system.
Therefore, to carry out a good meditation exercise is necessary to do it on an empty stomach, but without reaching the point of being very hungry because it will not let you concentrate.

Why meditate on an empty stomach

5- Concentrate on your breathing

Meditation is not difficult, you do not have to change your breathing. Meditating is as simple as breathing as you do, but with attention. The mind has to be attentive to each inhalation and each exhalation, without much effort. If this process is done well, the mind will reach the meditative state.

What are your tips for getting into a meditation routine? 10

6- Eliminates noise during the meditation session

Noises are a common feature of our daily lives. First, it is very important to turn off the mobile and all the distractions when you go to meditate . You have to learn to put all the attention in the body.

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