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Can we attain supernatural powers by meditation?

Can we attain supernatural powers by meditation? 1

Who has not heard of the supernatural powers shown by great spiritual practitioners and meditation teachers? and that it would not be secret if he wants to get them.

Our world has opened up to different techniques, and with it incredible stories have come from the Tibetan yogis able to generate body heat in such a way that they can survive for days sitting on the ice, without any necessary clothing.

Wim Hof

Even Hollywood has come on board on this subject , for a long time. After all, would not meditation, as long as we do it the right way, give us the supernatural abilities shown in the Matrix trilogy: dodging bullets, traveling through the mind, foreseeing the future?

Powers super naturally linked with the practice of meditation

First, here is a list of supernatural powers  and abilities that are most often mentioned and that can be acquired during meditation. Just so that we are on the same page: in a second, we are going to arrive at the truth and content precisely of the acquisition of these supernatural dimensions.

  • Knowledge of past lives: Witness forms, personalities and events that have lived in their past existences.
  • Powers of healing: The achievement of miraculous recoveries, and supernatural healings of serious chronic diseases or ailments.
  • Telepathy: The ability to “read” other people’s minds and know, even over great distances, what they are thinking and feeling.
  • Visions of other lands: to listen to conversations in different languages, to see certain events of this and other worlds.
  • Seeing the future: The ability to move in a timeless dimension where one can perceive things that, in the linear time world, have not yet taken place.
  • Suspension of gravity: Levitation, walking on water, even flying is sometimes mentioned in this category of powers.
  • Immunity to pain: Individual unification of the mind in such a way that there is no pain, either physical or mental, and it may not come. The same can be said about hunger and thirst.
  • Invincible: No external force, whether natural or artificial, can move a single hair of you.
  • Fulfillment of desire: As an advanced meditator desires something, it will be provided by the so-called unified field and without recourse to ordinary and natural principles.
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A wonderful list, at least in terms of showing what we as human beings are secretly wanting. And this does not mean that the super-powers mentioned above are a lie and a “fool’s dream”. In the first place, it only demonstrates our tendency to lose the true magic and the miracles performed in a calm and non-striking way.

Nothing at all can stop you: The powers are in meditation

Because when talking about meditation, one thing is for sure. If you meditate regularly and sincerely, you are guaranteed the following:

1- You will feel love and compassion for complete strangers.

2- Understand what your cat is saying.

3- You will lose any appetite for personal ambitions.

4- You will lose your ability to differentiate between the waking state and dreams.

5- He will pray for the life of a mosquito.

6- Try an orange as if it were the first time.

7- Still argue with your partner – however, it will turn out to be more and more like a game, and not a war.

8- You will always take the first beam of sunlight with a smile on your face.

9- You will see through death.

10- Laugh aloud in the concept of super-powers.

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But being a human being, it probably makes you feel frustrated when we talk about supernatural powers of this type. Being a human being, you’re probably making him a little irritated at the moment, ‘But hey, what about all the REAL magical abilities and feats listed at the beginning: flying over mountaintops, reading the mind of other people ? Do you think we are kidding or is it a way of saying that these powers do not exist?

Are the supernatural powers really true?

The short and simple answer to this question would be: “Yes, they are true.” In reality, there are these super naturally naturally  amazing powers . Maybe not in all those crazy ways and varieties described in the urban myth and popular culture, but nevertheless, with the practice of meditation you will seriously, in all likelihood, find a way to familiarize yourself with some of those powers.

However, there is a reason why he has dragged on the right and the left before reaching this. As with any other short and simple answer, it hides treacherous traps and could easily be misinterpreted. It is, in other words, a very dangerous response.

To continue with some possibility of solving the enigma of your life, you have to keep this claim: “Yes, super powers exist naturally ” well wrapped in the following. At all times, and it does not matter what happens or does not happen.

1- Entering meditation in search of any supernatural ability is the clearest indication that you are heavily trapped in the webs of your ego.

You are trying to propel yourself, either to obtain direct power over others “I can do things you can not even dream about!” , Or to unravel some of your personal knots “Anxiety, boredom, depression, insomnia, impotence of the mind and the body, whatever. ” And please, be careful: even when you think you want super powers naturally only for the sake of others, and not for your own glory, since this is NEVER the case.

How can your mind, without having yet entered the realm of Eternal True Nature , have even the remotest idea of ​​what might help others? Just no. But being a machine of thought, reasoning and calculation, is very good at slipping in suggestions that go towards the increase of his name and fame.

2 – They are a byproduct , a tool like anything else: you can use them for good or for bad, there is nothing really special, revolutionary or that changes the world in them. Some great saints and masterswho have honored this land have made extensive use of those powers and abilities ; others have walked through them as if they did not exist at all.

If you consider this fact very carefully, then you will realize that there is nothing “essential” about the acquisition or display of these powers super naturally .

What is absolutely inevitable and necessary on the road to awakening, however, is this attitude: “If I seem to go backwards like a crab or fly across the plains of a mystical world, I can still sit humbly and seriously as a solid immobile mountain. “

The sincere and correct practice of meditation will give us the necessary strength to do whatever we want to do, from the simplest thing to exploiting any power, however incredible it may seem.

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