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Yoga during pregnancy

Yoga during pregnancy 5

Relative to the practice of yoga during pregnancy are prevalent some misconceptions: women fear that yoga can lead to miscarriage. It is worth noting that this is not entirely correct. During pregnancy, yoga
not only has a beneficial effect on all systems of the body of women, but also strengthens the immune system learns to control his body, reduces pain in the lumbar spine, relieves nausea, and also gives the expectant mother a favorable psycho-emotional state. In addition, yoga is the ideal way to communicate with the child mother on the mental level.

During pregnancy a woman’s body big changes.
In turn, yoga allows you to closely monitor and encourage these changes. Yoga classes inspire and give new strength. Through simple asanas can improve the physical health of mother and baby. During meditation can reduce anxiety and tune into positive thinking.

The yoga studios organize special classes for pregnant women.
In addition, it is recommended to buy the specialized literature and video materials that explain certain exercises specifically designed for expectant mothers. Typically, the complexes of exercises include postures that help reduce pain, swelling in the lower extremities and regulate changes in weight. In yoga, there are many useful exercises, such as squatting – a very useful position for natural childbirth. During pregnancy the body occur znach itelnye hormonal changes. The exercises in yoga help stabilize hormones in the female body, improve flexibility of the spine and musculoskeletal system.

A woman can begin to engage in a special program, starting with the first month of pregnancy.
If there are any complications and health problems, you should consult with a doctor, and only with his approval should be dealt with in a special class under the guidance of an experienced instructor. If you can not attend a class for pregnant women, it is possible to visit the women’s class, the instructor warned about the pregnancy.

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Key recommendations and precautions

  • During practice, keep an eye on their state of health, and get out of the asanas with the appearance of discomfort.

  • yoga during pregnancy should be carried out with the use of auxiliary materials.
    Sitting asanas, it is desirable to perform Bolster, asana standing – with the support.

  • During pregnancy, follow the asanas eliminate clutching his stomach, it is prohibited to perform the asanas requiring backbends from a prone position and deep forward bends.

  • Yoga practice does not allow for over-voltage and over-expectant mother fatigue.

  • During pregnancy, it is possible and necessary to do inversions since they norms Alize hormonal balance.
    Perform such Asanas as possible during the whole period of pregnancy, except in headstand. This posture in the last weeks of pregnancy can cause discomfort.

  • Breathing exercises are performed in a sitting position on a chair or reclining.
    The most useful is considered Ujjayi
    Pranayama . It produces vitality and oxygenates the tissues. This technique is useful during childbirth, because it helps to stay calm when severe pain.

Practice during pregnancy

Yoga during pregnancy 6

If the pregnancy goes with complications or had a miscarriage in the past, engaged in the first trimester is possible only after consultation with a qualified physician.
Reliably diagnose pregnancies at increased risk is possible only in the second trimester, so in the first three months it is necessary to practice yoga gently.

In the second trimester of pregnancy is especially useful are standing poses, they contribute to the overall strengthening of the body and improve blood circulation.
Growing belly has a major positive impact on the balance of women feel so enter the asanas and leave them to be slowly and carefully. In the second trimester it is recommended to:
Upavishtha Konasana , Shalabhasana , Bhudzhapidasana,

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Last trimester is the most traumatic, for this reason, be sure to use the additional support in the performance of asanas.
In some cases, a woman may feel that the baby is protesting against any posture, because some movement or body position can be uncomfortable for him, and the child may begin to toss and turn. In this case, the activity must be stopped. The third trimester of several modified program: increasing the number of asanas performed against the wall, as well as asanas, aimed at the disclosure of the pelvis (
Baddha Konasana , Upavishta Konasana , Hanumasana, Tadasana ).

Particular caution should be observed in the 12th, 13th and 14th week of pregnancy.
During this period, the practice of asanas should only lying on his back and inverted. The program should be as soft, as in this period, the body is hormonal changes.

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