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What is the best yoga exercise to help improve posture?

What is the best yoga exercise to help improve posture? 1

Yoga to improve posture

I spend a lot of time behind my computer. And even if I took the sport regularly, I happen to surprise me during the day with rounded back and shoulders hunched. To correct these bad postures, yoga is an excellent solution. These are the movements that we practice most often, which not only help us solve the problems but also relieve all the tension in the neck and shoulders that usually accompany these bad postures.

Good standing makes us look taller, thinner and more confident. Unfortunately, we can be so absorbed in our daily activities that we forget the good movements, whether walking, sitting and sometimes even sleeping. These repeated bad postures cause ailments throughout the body, the best known being back pain.

By practicing a few easy yoga poses regularly, we learn to refocus on our natural postures and to free ourselves from recurring pain.

What is good posture?

It is said that the body is in a correct posture when aligned, ie shoulders backwards and relaxed, the spine in a neutral position (so as to respect the natural curvatures), the contracted abdomen and the right chin.

How can yoga help improve posture?

A regular practice of yoga forces us to focus on our body and allows us to become fully aware of its posture. Practicing the following asanas (exercises) in particular will help you make this connection between your body and your mind in order to correct the flaws that can result from our current lifestyle.

What yoga pose to practice to improve your posture?

All these poses are very simple to perform and do not require any particular level in the practice of yoga. Take a moment each day to do them, focusing on the present moment and letting your body feel the exercise.

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The tadasana or the mountain



The bhujangasana or the cobra


The marjariasana or round back and hollow back


Shishuasana or the pose of the child


The warrior or virabhadrasana


But also all the other poses involving a back stretch


Other tips:

Try not to get into your everyday life, even on the couch. Poor posture puts more pressure on the lungs and lowers oxygen in the body, sometimes resulting in headaches. So stay up to the maximum, while maintaining a comfortable position.

When sitting, be sure to keep the ankles in the alignment of the knees and feet flat on the floor. Keeping ankles back often causes knee pain.


If you think you’re going to forget about keeping up well during the day, creating small memos in strategic places can be helpful: post it on your desk, near the TV, on walls, or set reminders. sound on your phone.

Spread your weight well at the shoulders, often when working on laptops we tend to lean more on one side than the other. This imbalance can be worth a lot of tension in the back and shoulders.

Learn and check your postures regularly during your sport practice. Do not hesitate to film yourself or to go through a coach to learn correctly all the postures, especially if you do bodybuilding.

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