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Yoga therapy for digestive system problems

Currently, digestive disorders are common among people of all ages.
The causes of such disorders may be different, but most often they are due to psychosomatic factors (nervosa, stress), malnutrition (overeating, irregular meals, an unbalanced diet, etc.), hereditary predisposition. Ayurveda is considered to be the most prone to diseases of the digestive system of the individual constitution
Pitt . For digestive disorders to help certain asanas. With regular performance of their significant relief occurs in most cases. However, be aware that the execution of these asanas is shown only in remission, in any case they should not be carried out in the period of acute illness.

It should be remembered that the mind and body are inextricably linked to each other.
Accordingly, the ill-treatment of one automatically leads to negative consequences in the other, in other words, mental conflicts can in any way affect the body, including the digestive system. Many kinds of imbalances, such as ulcers or constipation caused, as a rule, anxious or nervous strain. Yoga practices focus primarily on the resolution of internal conflicts and mental equilibrium, resulting in many diseases simply disappear. In addition, it was found that each
Asana certain images affects the specific organs. Thus, the identified postures that best affect the health of the digestive system.

Asana in various diseases of the digestive system

When violations of acidity, stomach ulcers, heartburn is recommended to
Supta Virasanu and  Supta Baddha Konasanu .

Yoga therapy for digestive system problems 13

Yoga therapy for digestive system problems 14

Adho Mukha Shvanasana helps digestion, beneficial effect on the condition of the abdominal organs.

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Yoga therapy for digestive system problems 15


Makarasana and Shalabhasana useful in indigestion, heaviness in the stomach.

Yoga therapy for digestive system problems 16


Ardha Navasana  massages the internal organs, favorably affecting the stomach, liver, gallbladder and spleen.

Yoga therapy for digestive system problems 17


Dzhathara Parivartanasana eliminates stagnation in the pancreas.

Yoga therapy for digestive system problems 18

Ardha Matsiendrasana I improves bowel. Jana Sirshasana and Ardha Chandrasana eliminate constipation.

Pranayama for diseases of the digestive system

Respiratory and digestive system of the human body is closely associated with each other.
Lungs and abdomen are separated by a powerful muscular septum – the diaphragm. Therefore, the diaphragm during breathing massages the abdominal organs and keeps them healthy.

Unfortunately, most people have a negative tendency to breathe superficially, almost without using the diaphragm.
This not only reduces the overall tone of the body, but also deprives the abdomen regular natural massage. So it lays the foundation for the development of many diseases and disorders of the digestive system. Pranayama exercises help a person to restore the natural tendency for deep full breath. In addition, the performance of yogic breathing practices contributes to enhanced massage abdominal organs, improve their blood circulation and general improvement. Therefore we recommend to learn the techniques of
the full yogic breathing . You should also learn the exercises Uddiyana Bandha , which is sometimes referred to as a secret weapon against the yogis of any problems with digestion. We recommend that you read the article about the art of inhalation and exhalation .

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