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Shirshasana (stand on the head) – asana not for beginners

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What are the eight stages of Patanjal Yoga?

The eight Steps of Yoga The Indian sage Patanjali described in the yoga sutras of Patanjali the¬†eightfold path of yoga¬†. The best way to learn something is to reading book through the book we learn many information. So, the lot of books are there to guide How to do yoga. To buy a one of […]

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Loading… Cozdatel known gymnastic system Yoga 23 , the creator of a specific direction in contemporary art – the so-called “psychotronic Art”, author and developer of special breathing exercises in the water – “Plavita-Sadhana” and the special breathing exercises “Boeks”, to improve the efficiency of tissue respiration, also successfully used by professional divers. Andrey Sidersky […]

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