Activate your chakras and your energy Increase

Activate your chakras and increase your energy 3

Do you feel lacking or lack of energy? Do your daily activities cost you more than usual? Is it time that you lack sexual desire or, sometimes, you think you’re invisible, others do not notice you? You probably have blocked one or more chakras.

Sanskrit Chakra means wheel or disc . This term the Vedas concerned the power centers of the human body. Centers that are responsible for generating and distributing energy both within, and the outside world.

There are seven major and several minor chakras. The main usually located next to endocrine glands and are responsible for directing the various functions of the body, as well as being associated with the welfare of our psyche. Basically, when the chakras are open and energy flowing properly, the day to day running easily, with virtually no effort .

Therefore it is very important to develop habits that will benefit your health. Here we propose seven very simple, one for each major chakra.

1. Imagine you are connected to the ground via roots that leave your feet.

2. Develop your creativity . Allow yourself to do something you always wanted to do, but what you did not dare. For example, play a musical instrument or drawing. If art is not your thing or you’re not interested, do something new in other aspects of your life: try a new stance with your partner, or simply make changes in your home decor. This will allow you to unlock the second chakra, related to creativity and pleasure.

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3. The habit to unlock the third chakra, the solar plexus, will depend on your personality. If you are a person with a very busy schedule that is always running from one place to another, you will need to check your weekly schedule and find a place to do nothing. Exactly a while dedicated solely to relaxation and contemplation.

If, however, you are a person who has trouble doing things and never find the time to start, the time has come. Do not block energy. Start with something simple, step by step, to achieve what you want.

4. The fourth chakra, the heart center, is the one that connects us to the people we love, so it is easy to imagine its importance. For energy to flow properly is highly recommended that you relax for at least ten minutes with a warm towel under the shoulders,

5. The best habit to develop the fifth chakra is located in the throat singing. Yes, something as simple as singing. Do not be shy. Sing your favorite song out loud when you’re in the shower or driving and notice how your mood improves.

6. Let your mind flow freely. Allow yourself daydreaming for your sixth chakra, also known as the third eye, you can see what you really want.

7. And last but not least, the seventh habit for the seventh chakra is also a display. So this article just circular. Imagine a column or tunnel of light that descends from above, from the top of your mind can conceive and that through your head and body reaches feet.

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These seven habits will bring major changes to your life and your health. Dare to practice them and we invite you to tell us how it go.