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What are some tips for meditation?

What are some tips for meditation? 15

Tips for Beginners to Meditate

Did you know that by spending a little time preparing for meditation, in fact, you can get a much deeper experience? The tips given below for your convenience will help you prepare for meditation.

# 1 Choose the right time

What are some tips for meditation? 16


Meditation is, in effect, a time for relaxation, so it should only be done when it is convenient for you. Therefore, after meditation, what you are going to do now, for all subsequent meditations, choose a time when you will not be disturbed as much as possible so that you can relax and enjoy this time.

The hours of sunset and dawn, when nature falls asleep and wakes up, are ideal for practice.

# 2 Choose a quiet place

What are some tips for meditation? 17

Just as you have chosen the right time, choose the right place, where nothing will disturb you if possible.

A calm and pacifying environment can make your meditation experience more profound and enjoyable.

# 3 Sit comfortably

What are some tips for meditation? 18

The position of your body also matters. Make sure you are relaxed, sit comfortably and motionless. Sit straight, with a straight back, keep your shoulders and neck relaxed; the eyes are closed during the whole process.

A very common myth about meditation is that you must sit in Padmasana (lotus position) to meditate.

# 4 Keep your stomach half empty

What are some tips for meditation? 19

A good time for meditation is before eating.

After a meal during meditation, you can tend to sleep. However, if you are very hungry, do not force yourself to meditate. Otherwise, you will encounter difficulties in the form of hunger spasms, or all the time you will only think about food.

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If you are very hungry, you can meditate two hours after a meal.

# 5 Start with a workout

What are some tips for meditation? 20

Several warm-up exercises from Shukshma-yoga before meditation will improve blood circulation, eliminate inertia and restlessness and bring lightness to the body; you can sit still for a longer time.

# 6 Take a few deep breaths and exhalations

What are some tips for meditation? 21

This is also a preparation for meditation.

A few deep breaths-exhalations and the performance of the Alternative Nasal Pranayama (Nadi Shodhana Pranayama) before meditation is always a good idea. This helps to calm the rhythm of breathing and bring the mind into a calm meditative state.

# 7 Keep a soft smile on your face

What are some tips for meditation? 22

You will notice the difference.

A soft smile during the whole process keeps you relaxed, calm and deepens the experience of meditation.

# 8 Open your eyes slowly and gradually

When meditation is already coming to an end, do not rush to open your eyes and move.

Open your eyes slowly and gradually, give yourself time to realize your body and environment.

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