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What is Mind Power yoga?

What is Mind Power yoga? 3

Hot power yoga and meditation: how to clarify your mind?

We receive so much information every day that our mind can no longer store them. It is then our emotions that take over when we are bombarded by the buzz of the day.

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What is Mind Power yoga? 4


Meditation allows the cleansing of your mind, the hot power yoga that of your body

To be seated to meditate is above all to stop. Stop being caught by the flow of my thoughts, the hustle and bustle around me. It’s a break to start watching me and therefore know me. It is choosing to exist outside of what I am doing, it is to develop a real presence that makes me less vulnerable to the hazards of life.

Meditation by the breath and the body sensation

We offer in our yoga center in Paris , meditation on the breath and the body sensation. It is a matter of giving direction to your mind, a fixed point in order to be able to see everything that is off topic, which weighs and tires your mind. This is a simple but difficult practice because restless minds hate immobility. The agitation feeds the agitation. If my mind needs problems and distraction to feel like it exists, the first sitting sessions are a shock! If you do not get too impressed, you’ll quickly notice that your mind is calming and your body is relaxing.

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Hot power yoga and meditation: how to clarify your mind?

Hot power yoga: a moving meditation

The practice of hot power yoga can be considered as a meditation in motion  : the body follows the rhythm of your breathing, your breathing follows the rhythm of your mind, your mind and connected to your center of presence. You work your body and your mind with as a reference your feeling here and now. Judgments, needs to understand, to compare are no longer masters. Then the magic takes place, your body is worked by the postures to develop balance and harmony, your mind is cleaned of all that clutters it.

Develop your inner being with meditation

Consider that meditating is a tool to develop your inner being, your presence. This part of you has nothing to prove to others, is not afraid when there is nothing to do. To be revealed, this part needs a regular practice. It’s not the time that counts, 5 minutes every day is much more than an hour once a week .

The benefits of meditation

By practicing meditation, you develop your courage, your will because no one likes to see the agitation within oneself and one can spend all his life dreaming without experiencing lack. The benefits of meditation are numerous.

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