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How can yoga solve health and peace problem?

How can yoga solve health and peace problem? 3

Yoga: health benefits

When talking about yoga, most modern people put forward various associations associated with this term.Most often, yogis appear in the imagination of certain sages, with the help of various techniques and meditation practices comprehending a particular philosophy, abstracting from reality and revealing the true essence of being.

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How can yoga solve health and peace problem? 4


However, yoga is not only a system of certain values, not just a world outlook, but also a set of exercises that help improve the physical and psychological state of a person. Yoga for health: truth or fiction? How does the performance of these or those asanas affect the health of the body, prevents the development of diseases and normalizes the cycle of life?

Yoga is good for health

Yoga is good for health

The use of yoga is not questioned, supported by its centuries-old history. It develops muscles, keeps the body in a tone, promotes the development of flexibility and general strengthening of the body. Among other things, yoga is useful in the context of the development of cognitive abilities of a person, positively affects the psychological state.

The adepts of yoga, who chose the path of enlightenment through the performance of asanas, emphasize the triple impact of the system of exercises:

  1. Mind – meditative practice relieves stress, tension, fatigue, helps to relax, enter into a state of relaxation. The brain, freed from the negative, feels rested, as after a long and sound sleep;
  2. Spirit – yoga is useful in frustration, depression, decline of strength. Its mild effect is the best sedative, raises interest in life, normalizes the activity of the nervous system and stabilizes sleep;
  3. Body – regular yoga exercises contribute to the development of flexibility, endurance, strengthening of weak muscles. The benefit of the practitioner is also manifested in improving blood circulation, reducing pain, preventing the risk of getting heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases.
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So, how useful is yoga to health? Choosing the way of asanas and meditations, you will get the opportunity:

  • listen and hear your body, respond to his requests and needs;
  • tighten the muscles, create a beautiful body relief;
  • learn to look at the world easily, see it in bright colors, overcome difficulties and quickly solve problems.

Moreover – the benefit of yoga is also that this practice provides for a complete rejection of bad habits, including alcohol, smoking, excessive consumption of meat products, which also has a beneficial effect on the health of adherents.

Yoga for Men’s Health

Yoga for Men's Health

The use of yoga for the male body is characterized by incredible strength, manifested simultaneously in several directions:

  1. Assistance in the development of all muscle groups, endurance training;
  2. Increasing the elasticity of the body, which is especially important in parallel classes in other sports – performing asanas is the best way to stretch after exhausting workouts;
  3. Useful practice of yoga and for male genital organs: it relieves tension in the pelvic region, improves blood circulation, creates an additional surge of energy.

Yoga and the health of men are inextricably linked: the stronger sex, practicing meditation practices and asanas, are more concentrated, attentive, tempered. Yoga helps to discover the strengths of character, overcome complexes and shortcomings.

Yoga and Women’s Health

Yoga and Women's Health

Although initially yoga was considered to be exclusively a man’s occupation, over time the beautiful part of the population became the path of enlightenment, revealing the special impact of yoga on the functioning of the female body. The use of yoga for women is invaluable, among which it is worth highlighting:

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  • aiding in weight loss by doing physical exercises and refusing harmful food;
  • the development of flexibility, the strengthening of muscles, including intimate muscles, which makes it easier to tolerate pain during the menstrual cycle, prepares the body for childbirth and promotes the build-up recovery;
  • gaining external and internal harmony, liberation of the nature of female sexuality.

It is impossible not to say about the abilities of yoga in terms of increasing women’s beauty – improving blood circulation, yoga practice allows air to freely penetrate into the tissues of the body, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of hair and skin, preventing the appearance of early wrinkles and preserving youth.

The path of the yogis: is there any harm?

The path of the yogis: is there any harm?

The use of yoga for the male and female body is undeniable, but there are opinions that this system of physical exercises can cause irreparable harm. Most often, people who have the following contraindications fall into the risk group:

  • acute diseases of internal organs;
  • disorders of the heart;
  • severe blood diseases;
  • cancer diseases;
  • high pressure;
  • hernia, trauma and displacement;
  • cold and flu;
  • mental disorders.

Yoga is not recommended in the post-operation period (at least, within 3 months after the operation), and also in the first six months after the transfer of a heart attack or stroke.

Otherwise, the yoga benefits for men’s health, exactly the same as for women’s, require to pay increased attention from each of us: slowly and evenly learning the mysteries of ancient practice, a person is able to open a new world filled with joy and fresh colors, tranquility and balance, positive emotions and bright thoughts; each of us is capable of self-improvement – spiritually and physically.

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