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Yoga and sex

Due to the increasing understanding of the importance of sex in life, people tend to look for ways of its diversity.
Sex was very important and revered in the society of the ancient Indians. In addition to the many benefits
yoga has a direct impact on your sexual energy and strength. What is the real attitude of yoga to the problem of sex? This, obviously, follows from the very essence of yoga: Yoga – the management of energy, including sexual (desire to control, sensations and orgasms). For a man, the latter implies the possibility of the right to raise the sexual energy up without ejaculation, the woman – to raise this energy up random order, ie, cause at orgasm.

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The energy level of control a man is determined by how long he is able to have sex.
For a woman is in reverse – how quickly it is able to have an orgasm during sex. Both are determined by the purity of the channels through which energy flows, as well as the ability to raise this energy up through the channels. We present our video tutorial, which includes a simple proven program
of yoga asanas for a healthy sex life, developed Yogachara Avnish Tiwari.

Video tutorial.
Yoga and Sex

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