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How do I practice Vipassanā meditation at home?

How do I practice Vipassanā meditation at home? 3

Vipassana Meditation Technique

Vipassana meditation is one of the most ancient techniques of freeing the soul and body from dirty thoughts, the burden of problems, substitution by their harmony and inner satisfaction. As a result, you receive complete release, which is considered the highest happiness.

The Origin of Vipassana Meditation

The motherland of technology is a distant and mysterious India. It was in this country that a new teaching was born, which 2500 years ago Gotama Buddha perfected. He represented meditation not only as the art of living, but also as a cure for all bodily diseases. Since then, the technique has been transmitted along a long chain from the teacher to his followers – and has come down to our days almost unchanged.

How do I practice Vipassanā meditation at home? 4


Vipassana Meditation Technique

The essence of meditation

The word “vipassana” means the ability to see the inner nature of things, to perceive them as they really are. Indians believed that with its help through self-observation you can change your inner self, make the personality stronger and more enduring. The person practicing vipassana meditation, based on personal experience and acquired knowledge, tries to focus on that invisible thread that invariably connects the mind, heart and body.

Focusing on the physical sensations that form the bodily life, he tries to connect these states with his soul. This is the so-called journey from the lower to the higher needs of man, while the main point of destination is a balanced mind that overflows love for neighbors and compassion (this is also helped by the energy of love ). As a result, a person realizes his needs and desires, throws away unnecessary errors, becomes calm, learns to control himself and gets satisfaction from harmony within himself.

The first way to meditate vipassana

In total, there are three methods, each person chooses the one that he liked most. The essence of the first technique is in awareness. Whatever you do, you must clearly understand what is happening now with your body, heart, mind. For example, doing exercises in the morning, do not forget to think about each movement. Do not perform exercises by inertia, unconsciously, mechanically. If you raise your leg, think about it, think it over and dissolve into it.

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This applies to your other activities throughout the day: taking a shower, aware of the coolness and moisture, dining – the taste and smell of food, reading – the rustling of pages and the light of the night light. The same applies to mental activity. Whatever idea you visit, stop on it, while remaining only as an observer. Be aware of them, but do not evaluate, do not identify, do not analyze positive and negative sides. This should not be a part of vipassana meditation.

The second method

It is based on the realization of one’s breathing. We all know that when inhaling, our stomach rises, when exhaled, it goes down. Proceeding from this, the second technique is to realize the movements of your womb. Think about the fact that at this moment the stomach rises and falls: with each breath and exhalation the vital forces and energy in the middle also move from the bottom to the top and back. Ancient people believed that the womb is a special place in the human body. It gives birth to life, so the source of vigor and wisdom should be drawn from the belly.

If the first method is three steps (awareness of the body, mind and emotions), then the second is only one action – to think only of the movements of the womb. At the same time, the mind and heart are silent, emotions and feelings disappear.

The third way

This is the realization of one’s breathing. Adjust and try to feel the air penetrate into the nostrils, fill the body and stop at its peak point – the abdomen. Further, realize how it comes out of you through your nose, already being warmer than at first. This technique is more suitable for men. Since they, when doing power exercises or heavy sports, are used to controlling their breathing. Inhale-exhale clearly through the nostrils – for them the usual thing. As for women, most of them breathe with their belly, at the same time it is not always possible for representatives of the stronger sex.

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Helpful Tips

They will help you make meditation effective, which will lead to the desired result:

Allocate one hour per day to the equipment. Do not do days off, because only regularity is a guarantee that you will quickly come to the goal. It is not recommended to conduct the session one hour before bedtime and one hour after eating.
Find a convenient place. It does not have to be quiet and secluded. The main thing is that, being in it, you feel comfortable and confident.
Choose a pose. Comfortable body position will help you concentrate and relax. In this case, the eyes should be closed. Back – straight and level.
Buy a stool for meditations or special pillows – with their help you will be easier to completely dissolve in the technique of the session.

Vipassana Meditation Courses

Engage in the company of other people, always fun and productive. So if you do not get to practice the technique alone, sign up for a general group for classes. Usually, the course lasts 10 days, during which participants study the basics of vipassana meditation and apply the findings to practice.

There are three stages of training. The first provides for a period of 10 days of classes complete refusal of alcohol, drugs, intimate relationships, lies, theft and murder. Observance of simple rules of morality helps to calm the mind, which, otherwise, will be too excited for the necessary introspection and awareness. The second stage is the sharpening of the ability to focus on breathing, the third – on the sensations of the whole body, not reacting to them.

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How to apply for courses

In order for you to be taken into the group, you do not need to have a preliminary experience of meditation. All you need is a desire and purpose. You should also read the course schedule in Russia or another country of your residence. Usually, ads on the set are easy to find on the Internet. Immediately you fill out the questionnaire, register and carefully read the Code of discipline.

Courses usually take place in the warm season: begin in the spring, and end in the autumn. The schedule of classes appears always at the beginning of the year, and you can register for a month or two before the course starts. The fee for the sessions is not required from you. Funding is based on voluntary donations: yours and those participants who have finished training, have felt the result and now want to help other people.


The result does not come by the wave of a magic wand. Long hours of meditation lead to him. But if you do not miss classes, do not be lazy, then in a few days you will feel that the problems in life have become less. The longer you use the technique, the more freedom you get, the freedom from unhappiness.

Even 10 days of the course are able to give harmony, ease unnecessary suffering. Such exercises are successfully practiced in prisons and bring only amazing results. Anyone who tries this miracle cure – Vipassana meditation – will achieve real happiness, which he will be able to share with the world around him.

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