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Yoga tour in Cyprus

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Is there any advantage in Meditation? 1

Is there any advantage in Meditation?

Advantages of meditation Meditation is your way to freedom from constant whining of thoughts and anxieties to inner strength, calmness, a feeling of bliss, to the highest levels of meditation – spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Meditation is even more than a way to relax for the body. It plays an important role in religions and spiritual techniques, […]

The science behind yoga

What are the yoga exercises to improve liver functioning?

Yoga: Love your Liver The next set of exercises works on the liver. The liver is responsible for purifying the blood. It is the only organ that can regenerate itself. According to Yoga, when the liver is exhausted, we tend to get angry, or when our anger can not be mitigated we have a greater propensity for liver […]

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