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Yoga against cellulite

Cellulite – is one of the urgent problems of modern women.
It concerns not only women are overweight, and even thin persons are in his buttocks and thighs “orange peel”. What is the cause of cellulite formation? There are several reasons: hormonal disorders, overweight, lack of physical activity, with the vessels of the problem. Try to understand how
yoga solves the problem of cellulite.

Firstly, yoga speeds up metabolism, thus increases metabolism in adipose tissue and cellulite lumps gradually dissolve. 

Secondly, yoga gradually aligns hormones.
estrogen and testosterone levels are gradually coming back to normal. Carbohydrates are better absorbed, excess fats are no longer delayed.

Third, yoga helps to improve blood circulation.
The effect comes after the release of the asanas, when the blood rushes to your muscles active. When this occurs further lymphatic drainage effect.

anti-cellulite exercises

Before performing the asanas recommended to perform a warm-up range: Sun Salutation –
Surya Namaskar .

Virabhadrasana I (hero pose)

  • Yoga against cellulite 9
    Stand in Tadasanu.

  • Raise your hands above your head, palms connect pull up.

  • Inhale and jump to place feet 120-130 cm.

  • Exhale and turn right.
    Wrap the right foot to the right by 90 degrees, and the left – a little to the right. Bend the right knee so that the thigh parallel to the floor turned out to be. Make sure that the bent knee was in line with the heel, and not care for ankle.

  • Left foot as it should pull out, pull your knee.

  • Make sure your torso facing in the same direction as the right foot.

  • Slightly zaprokinte head up and look at the clasped hands.
    Spine pull up.

  • Repeat the same on the left side.

  • Stay Asana from 10 to 30 seconds.

  • Pull your head back and look up at the thumbs.

Utkatasana (Pose chair)

  • Yoga against cellulite 10Stand in Tadasanu. Extend your arms straight above your head and folded hands

  • Exhale, bend your knees and lower your torso up until the thighs are parallel to the floor

  • Stay in the pose of a few seconds.

  • Inhale, straighten your legs, lower arms, return to Tadasanu and relax.

Adho Mukha Shvanasana (Dog snout down)

  • Yoga against cellulite 11Lie on the floor on his stomach. Spread the feet to the sides 30 cm.

  • Place the palms on the floor at chest level, fingers, pull forward.

  • Breathe out and lift your torso.
    Hands straighten, tighten your elbows, head, try to lower it to the floor. Pull back, it should be smooth.

  • The legs should be straight and smooth.
    Knees do not bend. Drag your heels down, try to put them completely to the floor. The feet should be parallel, toes forward deployed.

  • Stay in asana 1 minute, breathing normally.
    Then exhale, lift your head, gently exit the pose and relax.

Paripurna Navasana (boat pose)

  • Yoga against cellulite 12Sit on the floor and extend your legs in front of him. Place the palm of your hand close to the pelvis, expand your fingers to the feet, pull the brush straight. Keep your back straight.

  • Exhale, lean back and lift your legs at 60-65 °.
    They must be stretched and strained, her knees tucked up. toes pointing forward. Raise your feet above your head. Hold the balance due to the buttocks. The spine should not touch the floor.

  • Stretch your arms forward parallel to the floor.
    Hold them on the hips. Palm, expand each other. They should be at shoulder height.

  • Keep up to the minute asana, breathing evenly.

  • Exhale, lower your arms and legs, lie on your back and relax.

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