Tips to be happy. 25 lessons for happiness

Tips to be happy.  25 lessons to learn to live happily

If we talk about tips to be happy, no one better to do it the best way that Christophe André. In this new book you will find 25 lessons are 25 tips to be happy.


Tips to be happy looking at pictures.


“The Art of Happiness. 25 lessons to learn to live happily “Christophe André and Editorial Kairos



In “The Art of Happiness. 25 lessons to learn to live happily “ Christophe André and Editorial Kairos, make us a surprise and book lovers well done, with a good way of looking at happiness from observation of some of the most important paintings the history of painting.

When giving advice to be happy, André, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, practicing meditation and director of several meditation groups in the hospital Sainte-Anne in Paris, it offers us in this precious volume, a tour of paintings by Monet , Rembrandt, Giotto di Bondone, Fragonard and Delacroix, among others in showing us both keys and tips to be happy, with special when put in front of all the teachers obrs in the book are presented look.

The carefully edited volume , not only for the great texts of the author, but also by the quality of the paper, the careful bookbinding and the exquisite reproduction of the picture s, encourage us to go introducing us to a good selection of tips to be happy, I’m sure, you know avail.

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And that Christophe André, proposes happiness as a work of art as well as it did in the previous volume “Meditate day. 25 lessons to live with mindfulness “ and also told you in this BiblioMind as you’ll see if you click on the link.

Tips to be happy.


Give tips to be happy, it is not to show a catalog of measures to find and reconnect with a state of perpetual happiness in which you spend the day with a smile on and jumping for joy (Do not kid yourself and let that fool you . That does not exist. The happiness is well understood something else). Giving advice to be happy is to suggest that there is another way of seeing and being in life and yes it is possible to find that path of serenity that gives us the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, in which from accepting what at this very moment is, it can be transformed.

Happiness appears in the author’s words, as “a living emotion that is born, grows, flourishes, fades and disappears” because “there is a cycle of happiness, just as there is a cliclo days and nights “

That’s the key that shows sincere André when advising us to be happy. Especially taking us, and took us in the book of “meditate daily” to a space of calm from which to discover, as I always like to say that what is extraordinary in the everyday.

The book is structured as a prelude, four main chapters and a closure which, seen together, seemed a whole concert Malher. Surely if you were to put background music, I would move between the four seasons of Vivaldi and the Adagietto from Mahler’s 5th Symphony.

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To give, then, these 25 lessons art of happiness, or what is the same, 25 tips to be happy, enters André with an introduction entitled “The enigma of happiness” before moving on to show and discover look happiness through so many cuadros.Todo it in the Morning, Noon, Afternoon and Alba chapters, subtitulándolos with exquisite suggestions in “the birth of happiness”, “the fullness of happiness”, “twilight of the happiness “,” happiness disappeared “,” the return of happiness “and a closure under” take flight “takes us to the idea” and be carried away by the whirlwind of the world “

I like books. I am passionate about. I think what I said once more around here. And not just as a source of wisdom, life adventure and knowledge, but also as an object. Well, this of which I speak and entitled “meditate every day,” I am not exaggerating if I say already among my dearest jewels of my library.

I like books. That’ll floor showing here also put in ebook format. But in this case, I recommend, without a doubt, the paper version. You will not regret.

Tips to be happy, usually many. But in this case, discover enjoying great pictures of great painters is a new and exquisite gift that makes us Christophe André and the Kairos publishing house.

Worth having. Hope, heart, you enjoy it as much as I did.


Tips to be happy

Kairos a good book with tips to be happy

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