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What are 7 tips to meditating in higher states of consciousness?

What are 7 tips to meditating in higher states of consciousness? 1

How to achieve a sublime state of consciousness

A sublime, impeccable state of consciousness is essential to achieve success in what you do. They can be businesses, hobbies, studies … Whatever you are, you should be sublime, impeccable.

Personal development is essential to grow as a human being. Throughout life we ​​face challenges and situations that we have to deal with. Some are easy, they belong to our comfort zone, and others are real challenges.

In any case, to compromise with them we must reach a state of being, a state of balanced, balanced, fully developed and ultimately sublime and impeccable consciousness . All this, of course, involves self-improvement .

But what is a state of consciousness?

As I do not want to get too heavy or philosophical, basically a state of consciousness is the state in which you are generally, you are and you exist.

Your state of consciousness can be that of a hysteric, a happy person, unbalanced, measured, senseless … If you intend to carry out successful business or generate income , whether passive or not, your previous status should be weighted and harmonious. Otherwise, I’m afraid you will not get very far.

And this is true both in terms of money, and in terms of simply leading a happy existence and making your day full .

Therefore, training in knowledge and techniques for what we are going to do is important, especially if we want to manage that knowledge and live on it, monetize it. But previously and simultaneously you have to train personally, inwardly.

We must grow and develop as people, because first we are living beings, and then living beings we work, study, eat, form …

The first thing is to be, and the qualifiers come later.

How can you achieve a sublime state of consciousness?

Let’s see it with these 11 tips so you can see what we should work for (and what we should achieve).

# 1 Control of the mind

states of consciousness

Yes, I know, to start with the most difficult. I know that it is complicated to master a mind that usually behaves like a runaway horse. But that is not easy does not mean that we should not do it or try.

Controlling the mind simply means that you do not let it rule your life in a crazy and wild way.

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To achieve this: meditation and relationship techniques, breaths and conscious thoughts. Be aware at each moment of what you are thinking to decide if you continue doing it or change your mind. Be the one who directs the car and not let the mind, that incorrigible lazy as someone called it, be the one to do it.

# 2 Decision making outside the internal dialogue

Derived from the first. If you manage to take control and stop the mental chatter, the chatter of your mind, you can make the decisions in contact with your inner being, which is what you really are, the essence of you.

The inner dialogue is entertainment and noise: a subtle strategy of the thinking mind to prevent you from reaching far away. While you talk and talk, you do not. He who does not do does not arrive. And whoever does not arrive does not get it.

# 3 Decision making by yourself

Related to the previous one.

Make decisions without interference from others, without attempts to manipulate, based on what you have considered and valued, first according to what you have felt and then according to what you have thought (the rational aspects of the matter).

But remember: the decision is first made with the heart, and then it is thought, when it is already decided.

Decisions are made first with the heart, and then they think, when it is already decided – Share it!

conscience states

# 4 Flow capacity

In this blog we have already talked about how to learn to flow .

To flow is to be in consonance with what life tells you (life speaks) and observe the signs that surround you.

It is to understand that there is a superior intelligence, but not to obey it as something different from you, but to make you aware that you are yourself at a higher level who guides you on the way.

To know that there is something that is your highest self and to follow it is to accept the totality of what you are and to flow with the whole of everything.

When you flow, you are more, you are concretely all you can be, and you reach a sublime, exquisite, impeccable state of consciousness .

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# 5 Ability to do things without effort

Derived from the previous one.

Flowing with what surrounds you prevents you from stumbling and hitting everything. Things, then, are not made, but simply happen. That’s why I say and I repeat that I do not believe in the effort.

Strive is what those who have not learned to flow do.

When you do things effortlessly, you are reaching an incredible state of being. You are merging with your highest self and you are being all that you can be in that moment.

# 6 Respect capacity, tolerance

Doing things in this way can be a tasteless because almost nobody does them. Being where we are, in the world we are in, is not easy.

But in the same way that you know what you are and the state you want to achieve, you can not lack the respect and tolerance for those who have nothing to do with you. For those who live in a state of consciousness light years away from you.

Everyone follows their path and everyone is respectable.

# 7 Proper use of the word

The word is a very powerful weapon.

Try to praise and inspire a person and observe their state. Try to insult her and look at her too. It was the same in one case and in another. What has changed? The word.

A being that has reached a state of sublime consciousness uses the word with exquisite tact and respect, because a word has the power to change worlds and transform lives.

consciousness state

# 8 Ability to inspire without speaking

A being with an unblemished state has the ability to inspire with just being, with just being, just looking at you.

The word there becomes unnecessary because the energy it gives off is enough by itself.

# 9 Developing strategies to get what you want

Here we talk about the ability to draw a road map. Something that not everyone does.

The little evolved being is lost in diatribes and mental considerations, in its sea of ​​fears and insecurities and seeking approval everywhere. finally it ends up doing nothing.

The being who seeks a state of dignified consciousness knows that to get somewhere there must be a way. If it exists and it serves you, use it. If not, create it.

The strategy is the ability to organize existing media or create them to achieve the maximum result.

The strategy is the ability to organize the existing media or to create them to achieve the maximum result – Share it!         

# 10 Being able to face unpredictable events in normal conditions

Life is very beautiful … as long as you are happy.

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Money is not a problem … as long as you have it.

Being educated when others are is very easy. The complicated thing is to be, to maintain control, when you face a pack of wolves.

Carlos Castaneda said that impeccability is the ability to face unforseen situations with serenity.

When you are able to not lose your state in the face of the unknown or inexplicable, you advance along a very good path.

# 11 Ability to accept what you can not change and change what you can change

To conclude, this is a very interesting debate.

Should we accept as peaceful beings understanding that acceptance is peace?

Should we change what we do not like, transform reality as creative and free beings that we are?

Well, perhaps in the middle way there is virtue: transform what you can and do not like and accept the inevitable.

Knowing that in any case you have the power to choose also gives you peace and freedom, important things to achieve a sublime state of consciousness .

And now tell me, do not you honestly believe that if we could develop all these faculties we would be in mega favorable conditions to undertake what we wanted, to face everything?

Therefore, learning and training in what we need (techniques, knowledge) is important, but achieving full personal development is more important.

I imagine that those who only seek marketing strategies, passive income and cash flows, money in short, they will have seemed a roll this article.

I respect it, but I think that more important than money is to develop and grow as people . Mysteriously, when you do it, money and everything you need comes to you, effortlessly, flowing. They are the paradoxes of life.

Why do not you tell me what you think and share the post on the networks? I would greatly appreciate it!

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