Techniques of Mental Relaxation with mindfulness

Mental relaxation techniques working mindfulness online

If you are looking for mental relaxation techniques, you get here at the right time to start a trip to a place where you live continually moment, but in which you usually do not spend much time.

That place is none other than the present moment, the here and now. A period in which, through practice, you’ll be able to get into that mental relaxation through simple relaxation techniques you are looking for and it is possible to obtain.

And of course, like everything else, with a little effort and perseverance. But yes; mental relaxation techniques are possible here and now. We’re traveling and also do not need suitcase.


Mental relaxation techniques arrive with your perseverance and effort rewarded. You want to try?.


When we talk about mental relaxation techniques, we are talking about having a new relationship with the 60,000 thoughts you have, on average, each day.

And is that what we call head normally and because of the way of life we lead, has become a real “machine fuss” that produces a nonsense continuous and which, unfortunately, is daily repetitive, because the vast majority of those over 60,000 thoughts end up playing the next day and the next and the next, leading to attitudes of stress, emotional pain, apathy, anxiety, anxiety and often depression.

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We live in a time too fast. But time is what it is. In a day 24 hours a period in which we have to put more things that really fit and terrible consequence is that ‘we need more hours !!, if we the concediesen, would fill more things to do, what He ends up becoming a dangerous spiral.

The serious problem of our traditional way of life, especially in the last 50 years is that the acceleration of time that prevents us from practicing mental relaxation techniques, is produced by our attitudes and error situation, because we spend our lives positioned in mode “autopilot” , letting our mind constantly traveling between the past and the future, without working a tool that allows us to settle in the space in which we live forever, which is none other than the here and now. This instant.

This lack of use and work with mental relaxation techniques, causes us not “realize” what happens now, what we live, what we feel. As always we are fleeing from this absolute present, without recognizing that the encounter with serenity is possible

enters the P40

To begin work towards the practice of mental relaxation techniques, I want to show you a simple, yet profound way to start off the “autopilot” so that you begin to “realize” that there is another much simpler way of being in this instant. It is the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness.

Become a habit practice of mindfulness, techniques of mental relaxation and simplicity in living, is what we learn on the journey to the present moment we conduct with PROGRAM 40 where you can already register.

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Find the link at the end of this post, you can see the dates next and sign.

In each of the issues that we conducted, there are only 50 seats, because as I accompany you throughout the process, I care more about quality than quantity although an online program.

If you are looking for is to have good mental relaxation techniques, with this program, I assure you that you will be able to discover a new way of relocating in your own life, giving importance to what really matters, relativizing what to relativize and learning that good management of your time, affects your welfare and benefit of your mental relaxation, your comfort and your serenity.

You have to be aware that mode “autopilot” in which he normally lives, those over 60,000 thoughts running through every day your “machine fuss” , often become bad decisions which become erroneous behaviors that lead you to bad life experiences that cause emotional pain.

Breaking this dynamic is possible with relaxation techniques that provide practice of mindfulness or mindfulness leading to greater mental relaxation so that, through practice, and once you become habit, these distortionary thoughts do not dominate and you can move from reacting to respond in your daily life, you will certainly make good decisions with appropriate behaviors, so you’ll have better experiences you will report good emotional health and therefore, good mental relaxation through the use of these mental relaxation techniques you learn during the program 40.

Is not difficult. From the Program 40 , you can launch a new form of SER, do, have and feel. It ‘s not magic; It is simply the life of “realize”. Here’s a simple example:

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You just have to get your ticket now to begin the journey to the here and now.


Practicing mental relaxation techniques possible with the program 40 ON-LINE

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