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What are some simple exercises to do every day to stay in shape?

What are some simple exercises to do every day to stay in shape? 5

Exercises that you can do in the morning in 9 minutes to be fit

It is useless to start the day exhausting ourselves, but dedicating 9 or 10 minutes to completing these exercises will help us get active and face the day with good humor and energy.

Starting the day with a small exercise routine costs nothing and even if you do not believe it, you can get a lot.

It’s a simple and sensational way to activate the metabolism , burn calories and encourage our body to face the day in the best way.

We will do it with energy and we will avoid these tensions which sometimes accumulate in our muscles and make us feel slower or even more sore.

Below we wish to propose something that will be of great help to you. These are 9 simple exercises that you can do in 9 minutes. They will not take you longer.

If you are regular-era, you will end up seeing results after a month.

1. Lie down and lift weights

No, we are not going to lift weights of 5 kilos. It’s just a simple resistance training where we will exercise our arms.

  • For that, you will only have to lie down on a carpet, breathe a few minutes deep then, raise and lower your arms for 5 minutes while carrying these small weights in your hands.
  • You can do this exercise twice a week, combining it with what we will detail below.

2. Jump rope

What are some simple exercises to do every day to stay in shape? 6

It’s easy and fun. If you do not have a neighbor below, motivate yourself, put some music and skip for a few minutes at different intensities.

You can start with jumps at a moderate pace to then increase the speed. Never reach your limits, it’s all about activating us in the morning, but we must not get tired.

3. “Superman” flexions

Under this original term lies one of the most common exercises in these morning routines that our body has to get used to.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Lie on your stomach on a carpet.
  • Spread the legs .
  • Then, with your arms around your body, raise your torso (as if you were a superhero who was about to fly, arms tight on his belt).
  • You must feel the tension in your lumbar .

Repeat the exercise several times.

4. Exercise with a chair

What are some simple exercises to do every day to stay in shape? 7

This is one of the simplest and most useful exercises you can do. For that, you will need a solid chair, with good supports and that does not slip while we realize the stretching .

  • Once the chair is well positioned, stand in front of her and put one foot on the chair (as in the previous picture).
  • Then tilt the body to feel the stretch in the opposite leg.
  • Repeat the exercise with the other leg. It is very simple.

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