How to Eliminate the ego without tearing out what is sown

How to remove ego without starting what was sown

We learn to eliminate the ego without booting what we have sown

Pain is the essence of life and suffering is optional. Behind this great truth is the need to eliminate the ego, which is not to eliminate our personality, much less, but let whoever is present is our essential; that it may hurt, but that does not suffer. ‘I have insulted !! … who? … To me !! … would not it be more to your swollen ego of pride ?.

Diary of a garden III

And there was the earth like a primitive mind, ready for planting. At the end of the day, it is we who decide if we become aware of the present moment, what we planted in it or planting. It is true that then, depending on the quality of the land that makes up the garden, those seeds of thoughts and ideas bear fruit to the extent that the preparation and aftercare has been good. We, then, all our intention to become exemplary practitioners of meditation each morning and sat on the cushion or chair, which produced the observation of our own reality, we walked to meet with the serenity that we crave. But there is the. It appears at all times; are weeds ego.

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We focus on removing weeds root; those that go completely covering the ground but you go through the garden each at least couple of days, to see “how it goes”. We eat thoughts and ideas “judgmental” and our mind eludes us like a balloon, but we pay due attention to every moment of our lives.

Remove our ego, it is to put a scarecrow in our own mind. We call it “Marcial” and rode home with great entertainment. Bea, my wife came up with the ball with smile face and I added that tie to observe how absurd it may come to believe us that we are “somebody.” Martial is the example of egolessness; it will rain, fall fall and after that winter of Granada where the Sierra leave their doors open so that all cold is strained by the most unexpected places, and then return spring and that splendid summer to collect what was sown. But Marcial, after eliminating the ego, always with his conscious smile accepting that it’s hot because it’s hot and it’s cold because it is cold. “Ball Point”; That’s what you get.

Eliminate the ego is when you are not offended by what you say or do because your essential self has nothing to do with the values that you had given your ego at that “and I said to myself that I am …., I have … “. Is not always try to win or break the contrary because there is no such contrary simply is part of the whole. Forget that you have to be always right and not believe more than anyone else , because in the end, you’ll end up in the same place as anyone and identify with your achievements. Well, they are there are achievements to enjoy, not to launch “contrary”.

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Marcial is the guardian of our garden. I invite you to sit quietly every morning, on a cushion in a chair with your back straight, or walking conscious. Vale 5 minutes and you go lengthening. It is only to observe, to accept without resignation when it’s cold it’s cold because it is winter and when it’s hot, it’s hot because it’s summer. It is Martial flow like. He is not a simple; does its job without giving importance to that, thanks to him, seeds and sprouts are safe so that when nature directed and stamp their natural time, we can eat it carefully.

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